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LCD Module Development Customized

Product Name:LCD Module Development Customized

Product No:145349-809
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Last update:2011.12.02
Manufacturer:ShenZhen ShengTang Technology
   Product details

 ShengTang LCD modules of professional development of customized service. Provide you with professional 1602,12232,12864,240128,320240 series of TN, STN, TFT LCD module services.

 Number of dots (columns * rows): 320 * 240
  Dimensions (mm): 160.0 * 109.0
  Viewing Area (mm): 122.0 * 92.0
  Controller chip: RA8835/RA8806 (RA8806 with Chinese font, optional touch screen)
  Perspective is: 6:00 / 12:00

     Shenzhen Tang Technologies is a liquid crystal display module dedicated to research, design, production and sales of integrated high-tech enterprises in North China in the lead. Recent hot supply: monochrome LCD, lcd LCD, LCM, LCD Module.
 Dot matrix character 1,601,160,216,042,002 2004;
 Dot-matrix graphic type 122,321,283,212,864 1,603,216,016,019,264 240 128 320 240;
 And pen-segment LCD / LCM
 Shenzhen Tang's own core products LCD TN, STN, FSTN type LCD products (SMT, COB, COG, TAB, COF); color LCD Color STN, TFT; OLED and other optical products; micro printer series; switching power supply series; touch screen other high-tech products. While my company and foreign famous enterprises OPTREX, Sharp, Kyocera, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc. have a good working relationship, not only to price their products to the general agents to provide customers with good service.
 According to customer's individual requirements, the existing standard display module display (is obvious: all through the yellow-green, translucent green, yellow reflective, translucent gray, gray reflective, full view all thoroughly. Negative Display: blue film, black film), operating temperature, FPC length changes, they can be innovative customer size, resolution, dot size, the chip display module product design, development, production, customers in different industries to meet the display module special requirements. Temperature can choose a small wide temperature -10 ℃ -60 ℃, wide temperature range -20 ℃ - 70 ℃, wide temperature -30 ℃ - 80 ℃.
 Company characteristics in addition to providing cost-effective products to provide a good display in addition to technical solutions, products, packaging and strong after-sales technical service support and maintenance services. Customers can also needed, customized products to the company, the company will provide satisfactory, and even exceed customer expectations of high quality products and support services! If your company has a selection and technical issues need to be to our web site www.pcbmcu.com query.