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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to a product and other products co-exist in a particular electromagnetic environment without causing degradation of other products or its ability or Xun bad. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consists of two aspects: First, radioactive; second immunity, that is, electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic sensitivity.
EMC include EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMS (electromagnetic tolerance) in two parts, the so-called EMI electromagnetic interference, is the machine itself should function in the implementation of the process is not conducive to other systems generated electromagnetic noise; the EMS represents machine functions in the implementation process should not affect the ability of the surrounding electromagnetic environment.
Tang EMC Technology has experienced more than design experts, the system can provide EMC product design (including structural parts, electronic components), on board to provide PCB design layout EMC solutions and provide guidance and a system to solve EMC programs (including structure, cable) and other services.
In the electrical and mechanical design principles, Tang has a good application of basic science and technology, to ensure that EMC design with excellent quality, by schematic analysis, device selection, board structure, high-speed signal simulation SI, PCB layout routing and other measures at the design stage for the board to resolve the problem your product EMC.

Tang Technology EMC design advantages:
1, a potential source of interference and the electromagnetic energy sensitive components and circuit device mounted on a PCB, the active components of the position, the alignment of printed lines, impedance matching, grounding design, etc., we are in the EMC design be taken into account, some PCB components will be masked.
2, the internal cable is generally used to connect the PCB or other internal sub-components, including alignment methods and EMC shielding the internal cable design.
3, the EMC in the PCB design and the internal cable design is completed, we will pay particular attention to shielding design of chassis and all the cracks, through-hole punch and cable handling.
4, in particular, to focus on input, output power and other cables filtering.

Tang technology PCB, EMI / EMC Design Services:
1, the product of EMC to provide rectification and debugging, propose solutions and to ensure that clients developed by EMC certification standards.
2, the board provides PCB design layout EMC solutions and guidance, and to ensure that clients developed by EMC certification standards.
3, the system provides EMC solutions, including structure, cables, etc., and to ensure that clients developed by EMC certification standards.
Tang EMC technology design services from product design stage to detail the overall design phase, to product design schematics, PCB design, structural design stage of a complete EMC solutions, and test equipment in the product is completed, can also be EMC thoroughly before product certification testing, or provide corrective and debugging EMC products, comprehensive product development to solve EMC problems. Among them, the schematic design phase in the product, our main products of the main chip inside the filter circuit design, the crystal filter circuit power supply pin, the clock driver chip filter circuit design, power input socket of the filter circuit design, external signal interface The filter circuit design, component selection and filtering and protection, board functions to the division of property and protection of land, property definitions board screw holes and put forward a detailed program. PCB in the product design stage, our main chip on the PCB device placed above the key, crystal place settings, set the digital and analog circuits, high-speed low-speed trace routing and regional settings, the interface display filter circuit protection, capacitors placed put, PCB number and location of the set screws, connectors, grounding pin set, the ground plane and power plane split in detail, the key location-sensitive signal traces, vias, number of control to submit detailed design.

Diagnostic testing in EMC, we mainly look at whether a product can meet the default standard, pre-design can meet the standard requirements, a number of its verification. If there is any problem put the problem out positioning, easy to change the products in the next PCB board and the structure is about to change with time.

Tang Professional EMC engineers from product design and rectification system to consider the global perspective, through to the product schematics, PCB layout and routing for detailed analysis of the product from the source to solve EMC problems, measures the maximum extent possible the process of reducing the cost of the increased device and to ensure the implementation of the program to follow-up corrective mass production, to ensure that the work in the shortest possible time for your products to provide fast, efficient, low-cost, corrective measures can be mass-produced test programs, products used in the production program of the lowest cost to achieve maximum benefit of customers.