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Transistor IC chip code refers to the surfaces of components control the abbreviation code, English as markingcode, top mark, marking, screen printing and laser technology have both. Because the relatively small size of chip components, not only put the full model, so the manufacturers have established their own internal short code rules, in a very short few letters + numbers + symbols combination of laser or silk screen to the tube surface as types of markings to distinguish models.

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1, R & D personnel
2, the copy plate Company
3, the Maintenance Organization
4, to help make alternative models of plant suppliers

The transistor, IC

1, according to the surface of electronic components to provide short code, check it against the original brand of the original model
2, according to supply channels to provide samples of low-value samples free of charge.

1, the internationally renowned brands such as TI, NATIONAL, FAIRCHILD, NXP, LINEAR, MAXIM, VISHAY, PANANSONIC ...;
2, the product type: transistor, MOS, IC, part of the brand model to achieve more than 95% [regardless of classification] coverage.

Strength: 1. Time-consuming hand-finishing two years of data collected nearly 300,000 mark, covering more than two hundred international brands;
2. Hand collected upgrade, continuous supply of the number of models and brands, mark the data continuously updated;
3. Hand finishing mark formed to follow up the rules of mark more professional;
4. Professional internal database, the query more efficient;
5. According to a known brand mark and its reverse orientation;
6. New models of more than 200 million fixed mark [origin of such non-batch] Find feature, mark the number of double;
7. Not limited to general purpose transistor, add a large number of IC, some brands to achieve more than 95% type coverage.

Process: We have received product information to determine as soon as possible and be sure to undertake the task of framing the model, to find and notify customers confirmed models, customers choose to pay via online banking or payment Po, etc., will receive the ultimate reference results
including the type, brand, technical documents.

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