PCB back to the schematic|schematic|schematic changes

Product Name:PCB back to the schematic|schematic|schematic changes

Product No:114326-782
Was Price:200Dollar/Dozen Now Price:200Dollar/Dozen
Last update:2010.08.21
Manufacturer:ShengTang keji
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1. PCB cloning project
We use the most advanced scanning technology and software technologies, cloning single, multi-level PCB circuit boards, all kinds of difficult blind buried via PCB, the circuit to ensure 100% accuracy, and can generate PCB design software is popular document formats;
If protel99, pads, dxp2004 formats.
Tip: To protect the original PCB design of the legitimate rights of the copyright holder, any copy of the company board PCB cloning business customers, there must be a legitimate source of the copyright statement.
2.PCB production interface file
(1) PCB in GERBER file
(2) PCB production specification
3. Unparalleled advantage
High-quality, low-cost, short development cycle, accelerate circulation faster, earlier won the position in the market recognition.
PCB design, PCB copy board: According to the electrical schematic diagram and chart a professional PCB layout design software for design, we have professional, experienced design team, successfully overcome the present PCB design layout some of the defect, high-speed data lines to simulate, to ensure design quality. We have a full set of advanced test equipment can test PCB board circuit signals all states to ensure the PCB design meet the requirements. We also can copy an existing PCB board to board to copy, the copy of the PCB copy board map accuracy is very high, with the same model, low-cost copy copy board for customers to save design costs.

 PCB Processing: We have a professional OEM PCB factory, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology to provide you with high-density, high-precision single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer rigid and flexible PCB board PCB board production;

Procurement of electronic components and welding: In order to reduce parts procurement to customer problems and reduce the time, we provide component procurement services, PCBA factory to provide customers with plug-in, COB binding process, patch (DIP, SMD / SMT) soldering services, now the factory can weld 0201, CSP, BGA and other miniature, high-density packaging components.

Electronics software and hardware design and development: We from the development of a group of young and vigorous development team engineers familiar with the different hardware and software and various agreements, fast and comprehensive customer service. Electronics software and hardware design and development related to the computer, communications, networking equipment, mobile phones, digital cameras, instruments and other high-tech fields. We have 51 series, PIC series, AVR series, MOTOROLA series microcontroller (MCU) projects, there are many success stories; in language programming can be based on customer requirements to use C, C + +, VB, VC + +, PRO C, JAVA, JSP, C + + BUILDER, etc. to develop any language, but also can provide customers with database software development.

Complete solution for electronic products: in-depth communication with customers to determine the design framework of the repeated demonstration, and provide principles from product design, structural layout, software development, hardware development (including parts procurement), processing to finished product testing to complete one-stop products and services. Focus on product marketing for those customers save a lot of development time and development costs, to help our customers always have the leading edge products on the market, create value for customers.