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Prototype debugging is the process of product design, a key link in order to ensure the feasibility of product design and product ready for trial production of a reliable physical basis. Black Hole is in order to test their products before mass production capabilities, to ensure product performance and various indicators of the need to link customer requirements, which directly affects the effectiveness of after-market. Shenzhen, Tang prototype to provide you with professional commissioning services, is committed to delivering the most satisfied customers qualified products.
To reduce development costs, to help customers accurately grasp the market opportunity window forward in time to market, Tang prototype design and production and commissioning services to follow one of the best principles of functional testing, PCB design from the early beginning of the concept into functional simulation and testing to minimize the subsequent development of secondary rework due to increased production time and costs, providing customers with maximum efficiency.

Prototype debugging functions:
1, test structure design: prototype debug can verify the structural design meets the intended requirements, such as the structure is reasonable or not, ease of installation, ergonomics and other scale details of the deal.
2, lower development risk: Through prototype testing, can be a mold problem before and solve the problem, the process to avoid a mold problem, resulting in unnecessary losses.
3, quick to market: According to the production of the characteristics of speed, many companies developed in the mold before the prototype will make use of promotional products, pre-sales, bring new products to market quickly.

Prototyping process:
1, identifying customer requirements
Our development process from listening to customers requirements, identification of customer expectations start. We provide customers with all of the design, choose the most appropriate solutions together to achieve the required performance. Our aim is to deliver the most satisfaction to customers eligible products.
2, provide a positive, professional advice
Under the guidance of the purpose, we done enough preparatory work. In product design, testing, application and other aspects, we will propose to our customers a positive, professional recommendations, which largely ignored customer product design features and advantages.
3, formal research and development
Fully communicate with customers through the early and careful study of our program, our technical staff has been quite a detailed understanding of customer requirements and product technical performance of the. Next, we will present a set of clients, including drawings, performance data, test data, the development cycle, development costs, product prices and other information design for customer reference choice.
4, prototype debug and test
Submitted information to the customer and confirmed the final program, our team's formal entry into the production of prototype and development status! Deep Ivory with advanced equipment to cope with rapid prototyping commissioning, under different circumstances, the entire production process is about one to three weeks . First tested in the laboratory prototype, we will test reports to the customer analysis, if necessary, a second re-examine the design and prototype debug.
5, the shape design and production
The receipt of customer acceptance of the prototype, we will be filed with design type, various production documents will be completed in the shortest time, and ready all the tools, test tooling, fixtures to ensure the smooth progress of production .
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