COB production and processing | IC die binding

Product Name:COB production and processing | IC die binding

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 ShengTang is a technology with many years of integration and development of various consumer electronics products, process design and production, and help set IC package (COB), electronic circuit board (PCB) as one of the enterprises specializing in the production, COB Division, the company has advanced ASM AB520 high-speed machine 5, at the output value of 1.6 million lines. Undertake major electronic games, electronic toys, computer chassis air digital temperature control, keyboard, LCM display and computer peripheral products touch group reader, HUB and other COB processing. Production lines with line 2, SMT placement line 2, to provide electronic product placement, bonding, welding and assembly of finished products after the one-stop operations, and production of sound emitting electronic toys and hand-processed products PCBA, over the years with a complete technology, advanced equipment, rich experience and strict quality management system, our company has become many Hong Kong-and Taiwan-funded enterprises and large domestic partners. Proofing for our customers quickly and help you grasp the initiative, and can help you solve the technology or technical problems, is definitely your best cooperation partner. Excellent product quality raw materials can not do without the cooperation, our company uses aluminum, vinyl, tin line. Solder paste have all passed "SGS" certification of environmental protection, meet the export standards, and procurement of specified materials for you to meet the special your production needs.
    First, the various types of electronic, electric toys, gifts PCB, birthday cards COB, string lights IC, watches COB, flash IC type, size, voice and other music keyboard COB COB, audio IC, voice COB, light control COB, video control IC , advertising class voice IC, IC and singing series COB.
    Second, the types of home appliances LCD display control IC, COB bonding appliance processing remote control, infrared remote control IC series, display driver class PCB, PCB and polyphonic ringing phone music IC, audio recording and integrated circuits, single and double-channel amplifier IC, laser laser integrated circuits, multi-operation circuits, three-terminal regulator PCB, POWEER class IC control circuit and other small household electrical products.
    Third, the design and production of single, double, multilayer circuit board PCB, glass panels, gold, nickel, technology, applied to all kinds of household appliances.
    Tang technology to a proactive, innovative, excellent quality, forever following the improvement to meet customer for the purpose of continuing to meet customer needs, and strive to achieve good service, reasonable prices, stable quality assurance.
    Bonding [Bonding], professional bonding processing, Shenzhen bonding processing, electronics packaging IC bonding wire, bonding the chip bonding process, bonding, bonding IC, LED.
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