SMT production and processing|chip processing

Product Name:SMT production and processing|chip processing

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A. SMT processing services
Introduction Tang Tang Technology SMT SMT Technology Center was established in 2000, the center specializes in circuit board automatic patch (SMT) and connector specialized production units, specialized undertaking a variety of samples and in the production of small quantities of circuit boards, OEM and ODM processing and production, mainly for communications, medical, aerospace, computers and other engaged in the research and development and production unit services. Units of advanced equipment and perfect. With the latest series of foreign high-end multi-functional automatic placement machine, you can mount the device including the chip, including 0201, and in the 0.3mm pitch ultra-precision QFP, BGA and other chips, and with imports of seven full of hot air temperature
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Rapid prototyping SMT processing samples for research and development phase of the incoming SMT processing, the performance of a single BGA incoming welding process, the SMT processing; number at 1 - 100, in general, 1 day delivery (delivery time depends on the specific the complexities of the board.)

SMT processing small quantities of product development completed in preparation for the mass production of products; the first trial production, the number of 101--1000 about the incoming sample sets SMT processing and incoming production; including incoming single BGA solder processing SMT processing the entire board; generally 3 - 5 working days for delivery (delivery times have to look at the complexities of the board);

SMT production process in each batch of production for those who do not, and need to quickly complete the production of products, the number of each batch 1001--5000 Taiwan, we offer fast production speed, following incoming sample production; including BGA to a single welding materials processing, and the SMT processing; generally 5-7 working days delivery (delivery time need to look at the complexities of the board.)

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