MCU decryption|chip decryption|decrypt SCM

Product Name:MCU decryption|chip decryption|decrypt SCM

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MCU chip decryption

With the rapid development of the domestic IC industry, as an important branch of integrated circuits - microcontroller development is rapid. In view of the broad domestic market demand, the company with the world's leading technology, using the most advanced technology and equipment dedicated to domestic customers to provide advice and services SCM decryption (only legitimate research purposes), for the domestic electronics enterprises back SCM lost data or study abroad, advanced microcontroller design ideas to provide business support.

The company provides the MCU decryption model covers 51 MCU, PIC and AVR Series MCU Series MCU, PLD device to decrypt all, intel chips, LG chip family, MOTOROLA chip series, including the series of microcontrollers.

In addition, the company introduced the most advanced decryption device to decrypt the original cycle, or even three or four days a week need to decrypt the project, reduced to one day, greatly improving the reliability of the microcontroller and the success rate of decryption. Since the introduction of the device, has been decrypted MCU valuable customers, especially the master and the cycle of choice for demanding customers.

As we all know, is the most important chip decryption decrypt the reliability and success rate. Since all current OTP and FLASH MCU (including ferroelectric memory bank for future SCM) is the storage unit by an electronic chip to store the program, and these electrons in the MCU decryption process will be subject to more or less the external environment effects, therefore, the longer the decryption cycle, the greater the program by outside interference; the other hand, decryption, the shorter the cycle, the program is protected by the smaller degree of outside interference, to decrypt the higher reliability and success rate.

Tang technology after several years of effort on the SCM algorithm, architecture and technology of in-depth research on the SCM principle of storage locations is a detailed analysis, accurate estimates of the various types of electronic storage unit a few volts transition probability under the minimum.

After the decryption process designed to ensure absolute security decryption chip, but also to decrypt the chip cycle-accurate to the hour. Several of the most advanced decryption equipment, on-time reliability to handle several decryption program.