Parts list (BOM) production|electronic components list

Product Name:Parts list (BOM) production|electronic components list

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Tang accurate measurement technology with professional-grade equipment, extensive testing of electronic components, selection experience, through data query, circuit analysis approach, Mark clearly visible in the device under the premise, can provide standardized, comprehensive meta-information device list (BOM list), to save a lot of manpower and costs, speed up product production process.
BOM (BillOfMaterial), also known as material form, the main materials of production and management based on the simple definition is "using the materials required for product composition recorded in the table."
More than 98% of the market of products, we can provide production services BOM list; the same time we can quickly and efficiently produce a variety of BOM for your list; and in accuracy, we can do for you 100% guarantee!
BOM list of main applications are:
1, is the basis of the material basis for computer recognition.
2, is the basis for the preparation of plans.
3, is the basis for supporting and pick.
4, according to its process of tracking.
5, is the basis for procurement and outsourcing.
6, according to its cost calculations.
7, as quoted reference.
8, for material traceability.
9, the design series, standardized, universal.

Products to go through the engineering design, manufacturing process design, manufacturing three stages, the corresponding process in which three names were generated content is very similar but very different bill of materials EBOM, PBOM, CBOM. These are the three main BOM concept.
Engineering BOM - EBOM (Engineering BOM):
Product engineering design management data structure used, it is usually an accurate description of the product design specifications and design of parts and relations between parts. Products corresponding to the main list in document form, pattern catalogs, material fixed list, product list, and so a variety of categories.
Plan BOM - PBOM (Plan BOM):
Is a process engineer based on the level and capacity of processing plant on EBOM re-designed. It is used for process design and manufacturing management, it can be a clear understanding of the manufacture of parts and relations between parts, tracking parts is how to make out, where manufacturers, who manufacture, what manufacturers and other information. At the same time, PBOM also MRP Ⅱ / ERP production management one of the key management data structure.
BOM is actually a broad concept, according to different purposes, BOM has many species; design drawings of the BOM, planning BOM, calculate the final product assembly, manufacturing BOM, costing cost BOM, BOM and other maintenance.
Customer BOM - CBOM (Customer BOM):
Customer BOM actually has two meanings, one refers to the institutions from all the products selected customers to order the product catalog. One refers to the subscription list of specific product specifications. This is mainly for some products according to drawings of customer management and organization of very practical kinds of business forms. This situation is common in the PDM system, to the ERP system, also taking into account the different production plan customers to order products on the impact of the situation is more complex, may also be extended to the planned scope of BOM.
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