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 ShengTang PCB copy board including PCB copy board, circuit board (PCB) copy board, PCB cloning, copy board mobile phone board, copy board computer motherboards, GPS navigation and positioning device copy board and other services.
    Tang technology combines the use of advanced scanning equipment, professional team of PCB copy board, to provide you with single, double, multi-layer PCB board cloned copy board services, including a variety of difficult blind buried via PCB (shown with diamond blind orifice, a few bored orifice, the first order (second) laser blind plate, ceramic plate, aluminum plate, and above all kinds of ultra-high frequency 10GHz circuit boards, etc.); we can provide a set of customer good model (or prototype) by exactly 1 ︰ 1 replication, fast and accurate one-time successful completion of PCB copy board (PCB clone). Tang has accumulated in the long-term development of the multi-layer PCB, electronic components, high frequency digital and analog circuit has a thorough understanding of. Tang also provide you with a professional pcb design, PCB Layout services.
Case ShengTang PCB copy board industry (32 single layer):
     A, a variety of high-end computer motherboard: board, 8-tier server motherboard, 6 layer Mobile Phone Board;
     B, various industrial motherboard: video cards, optical network switching motherboards, high-end network routers;
     C, digital TV: DVR, STB, CMMB mobile TV, LCD driver board, etc.
     D, Communication Board: Motherboard wireless base stations and terminals;
     E, equipment motherboard: Motherboard of various high-precision equipment.
Tang copy board cycle:
     (1) general computer motherboard: 7 days for general computer boards (six or less): 1-4 days;
     (2) :3 mobile phone board - 4 days;
     (3) server board: 12 days;
     (4) to pay a single day, double-pane;
     (The above time is for reference only, exact time, as the case may be!)
     In order to save customers time, we will be the fastest to complete your task!
Tang PCB copy board may choose other related services:
      I, circuit board (pcb) system board: the minimum 3mil can provide you with the spacing, the laser blind buried plate, ceramic plate, aluminum plate, ultra-high frequency system board.
      II, Pcb counter schematic: to provide you with Protel99, Power Logic, PADS Logic and other formats.
      III, Pcb Gerber files designed: to facilitate the operation of the system mill, but also to better protect their products, not to be leaked.
      IV, Pcb format file system conversion: can provide you with Protel99, PowerPCB, PADS2000 and other formats.
      V, BOM list of production: In order to facilitate their products to volume production in the future, provide more accurate processing of materials to facilitate the purchase of technical information.
PCB copy board of the values embodied in the following areas:
1) From the business point of view, cloning can help companies to quickly replace old ones, follow the latest trends. The shortest possible time and lowest cost of completion of the development of products to market. And almost perfect in today's electronic support of cloning technology, strong product quality assurance.
2) From the perspective of the user experience, and cheap is its most prominent features, easy to accept the general public, not only to enrich people's lives and experience the fashion and trends brought a new sense, and for enterprises to win more more profits, enhance their competitiveness in the industry.
3) Institute of specific industries or, the copy board is an effective and necessary means, it can quickly overcome technological barriers and promote the development of positive research, to narrow the technology gap with advanced countries .
 4) From the technical point of view, copy board, copy when the board is not a simple imitation, copy, it is the reverse field, through the capture of the original machine technology, master the performance and applications, the second development, that is, to fully understand The schematic diagram of the deletion on the basis of their functions, to suit their needs. Can not only avoid the "intellectual property", but also quickly create their own brand, and short development cycle, low cost, and efficiency significantly.
5) the whole industry, help accelerate the overall development of the industry. When the cloning technology growing faster and faster and perfect, the electronics engineers are also actively looking at how the other newly developed products in the market for a long time to maintain the competitiveness of thriving, and enhance product differentiation approach, this aspect technology research to promote the positive, on the other hand also be the reverse of a broader space for development, but also to bring more opportunities for electronics companies.
Other related concepts PCB copy board
PCB copy board in addition to the simple concept of copying the circuit board, the board also includes some of the encrypted decryption chip, PCB schematic diagram of the counter-push, BOM list of production and other technical concepts.
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