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   2009年 第11届中国国际高新技术成果交易会—IT展(11月16-21日 2010.07.23
   2010中国国际电子电器组装工业展览会 (3月25-27日 ) 2010.07.23
   2009 China Shanghai International Vacuum Equipment and Technology Exhibition December 10 -12 2010.07.23
   The 2009 China International Industrial Fair, Shanghai New International Exhibition Center 2010.07.23
   2010国际线路板及电子组装展览会(7月7-9日上海) 2010.07.23
   Jiujiang economic and Technological Development Zone Four industry economy gross 2010.07.23
   China PCB industry has been gradually emerging from the trough 2010.07.23
   Japanese power industry trapped by limited resumption of work time is difficult to determine 2010.07.23
   13th Annual High-Tech Expo Opens in Beijing yesterday, as the protagonist of national science and te 2010.07.23
   Suzhou AMD packaging and testing plant expansion and deepening the strategic layout in China 2010.07.23
   "Business Week" published in 2010 100 global technology enterprise in Shenzhen BYD, Tencent into the 2010.07.23
   Q2 PCB notebook with strong demand orders year-on-year rise 2010.07.23
   Yaohua: high-end smart phones HDI white card market of mainland China's rise 2010.07.23
   Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba panel plant mass lay-off has been due to earthquake 2010.07.23
   Next five years, the rapid growth of China's MCU market 2010.07.23
   The successful development of vehicle traveling data recorder 2010.07.23
   9 in the Star satellite receivers successfully developed 2010.07.23
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