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   The Butterfly Effect tidal wave of price hikes show the approach of the first appliance 2011.01.17
   Amoi is then set by the Chinese domestic mobile phone way talks 2011.01.17
   Jiangmen LED industry base to build 1.5 billion annual business awards 2010.12.16
   Internet of Things "Twelve Five"plan will be launched after New Year's Day 2010.12.16
   HDI PCB industry, including this year's board, stock prices soared soft MILL 2010.12.07
   IPad two generation next season comes out new function challenge PCB Technology 2010.12.07
   China into the world's largest LCD TV market 2010.11.24
   E-book reader sales in 2018 nearly 9 million units 2010.11.24
   South Korea LG will invest 40 billion U.S. dollars in Guangdong factories 2010.11.22
   Bright future of China's IC design industry 2010.11.22
   China's first 8th generation line will start in the new station 2010.11.22
   Taiwan's wafer production capacity next year is expected to become the world's first 2010.11.15
   IC industry chain, to enhance the development of interactive 2010.11.15
   Photovoltaic industry boosting Tianjin High-Tech Development Zone 2010.11.12
   TSMC expansion of Taiwan equipment and supplies supplier purchase 2010.11.12
   copy pcb pcb board technology to enhance a large network of connections 2010.11.09
   KBCF 38% less money last quarter 2010.11.08
   Zhi-chao-delayed convertible bonds this year, the PCB industry for the industry's first funding setb 2010.11.08
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