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   22 industries released 36 Rules for the Implementation of new private economy contrarian growth 2012.07.05
   Apple iPad trademark case settlement to pay $ 60 million to Proview 2012.06.29
   Wave 50 billion to build high-end IC Industrial Park 2012.06.29
   Competitive Analysis of China's electronics industry in June 2012 2012.06.29
   Kinsus IC substrates market no pressure with the industry to bargain 2012.06.22
   Naka commented on South Korea circuit board market 2012.06.22
   Chinese IT manufacturers will be faced by the 2012.06.14
   Forecast the 2012 global chip market growth rate of only 0.4% 2012.06.11
   Mobile phone profits fell below 3% of the channel the collective changed jobs to accessories 2012.06.11
   The first day of Computex Taipei 2012 inventory: Windows 8 dominate 2012.06.07
   Domestic smartphone wins half of the country: less than 1% of the share of the profits 2012.06.07
   Samsung to promote the foundry industry reshuffle: TSMC challenged 2012.06.04
   The supersonic electronics in collaboration with Intel to develop touch screen 2012.06.02
   The Pearl River Delta manufacturing enterprises in the compression capacity 2012.06.02
   Prices so that half of the LED chip manufacturers bankruptcy 2012.05.29
   360 to do the smart phone XiaoMi was a double blow 2012.05.15
   Apple PCB foundry will accept pollution survey 2012.04.23
   The turning point come? U.S. flat-panel TV shipments this year is expected to decline for the first 2012.04.09
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