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    Title Update
   Apple's fourth quarter net profit of $ 4.31 billion up 70% 2010.10.20
   Intel will promote ultra low voltage CPU circuit board manufacturers will benefit from HDI 2010.10.18
   Apple iPhone 6 year a monthly income of China PCB rigid-flex PCB single release 2010.10.18
   Guangdong LED lighting industry market size to target breakthrough billion 2010.10.15
   Market research: panel may be closed up in November 2010.10.15
   PCB: Innovation Industrial Park, hopes national brand 2010.10.11
   High energy consumption of up to three percent decline in LCD TV 2010.10.11
   Electronic label industry will usher in a bouncing type growth opportunity 2010.10.09
   The $20 development tools MCU fresh out of the oven, U disk design defines the product usability 2010.10.08
   Continental PCB factory work towards holiday season 2010.10.08
   Market value of the top 10 largest technology companies Microsoft, Google technology pressure Apple 2010.10.04
   HP R & D of new electronic paper material: color display with low power consumption 2010.10.04
   SEMI: Taiwan once again become the world's largest semiconductor equipment market 2010.10.04
   Goldman said hung as the second generation of iPad sole supplier of apple 2010.10.04
   400000000 element circuit board project in Komsomolsk 2010.09.29
   Printed circuit board ( PCB ) manufacturers season to enter the industry sales of season finale 2010.09.29
   Trend of upstream PCB voice shares rose 2010.09.26
   LED PCB industry will bring new market 2010.09.26
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