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    Title Update
   The birth of the highest quality BRAVIA Sony 46HX920 dismantling 2011.07.18
   National Energy Board: nearly half of high energy-consuming industries pushed up demand for electric 2011.07.13
   China will become the world's largest tablet PC market 2011.06.20
   Tenth (2010) Top China Printed Circuit 2011.06.20
   Government subsidies to the LED industry will stop 2011.05.19
   China's IC market downturn is over sharply higher 2011.03.14
   Sony will be re-formed two groups to challenge Apple Apple model 2011.03.14
   China's first successful development of automated optical inspection equipment 2011.02.28
   Adding to the market economy expanded plant 2011.02.28
   China's flat panel industry will usher in a golden age of solar 2011.02.10
   Changshu, Hong Jie Jin bought the expansion, as robust pace 2011.02.10
   The Butterfly Effect tidal wave of price hikes show the approach of the first appliance 2011.01.17
   Amoi is then set by the Chinese domestic mobile phone way talks 2011.01.17
   Jiangmen LED industry base to build 1.5 billion annual business awards 2010.12.16
   Internet of Things "Twelve Five"plan will be launched after New Year's Day 2010.12.16
   HDI PCB industry, including this year's board, stock prices soared soft MILL 2010.12.07
   IPad two generation next season comes out new function challenge PCB Technology 2010.12.07
   China into the world's largest LCD TV market 2010.11.24
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