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    Title Update
   The domestic switching power industry is the rapid growth 2013.02.07
   Board copy board in a major reshuffle of the electronic market ShengTang superior 2013.01.16
   The Tang case - high frequency of medical diagnostic X-ray machine copy board 2013.01.11
   ShengTang Technology 2012 PCB copy board the R & D and innovation Road playback 2013.01.04
   Bluetooth and Wi-Fi battle who will win? 2012.11.12
   Apple and Microsoft to meet the market of Chinese enterprises Where to Go 2012.10.29
   Mainland IC packaging and testing industry emerging local enterprises 2012.10.29
   China's top ten most growing semiconductor companies 2012.10.24
   今晨苹果发布最新产品 iPad mini正式亮相 2012.10.24
   Ten conjecture of the electronics industry in 2013 2012.10.22
   TI withdraw from the cell phone chip market: the beginning of a new round of reshuffle 2012.10.22
   PC industry decline spread to the chip manufacturers:Intel AMD struggling 2012.10.17
   Mainland China's anti-Japanese sentiment usher in a switch to a single LED Taiwan plant 2012.09.20
   2012's most globally competitive Chinese companies 2012.09.20
   ARM: expected chip sales in the second half of the year in the doldrums 2012.09.12
   American 2012.09.11
   Special plan for the introduction of the new display technology Twelfth Five 2012.09.10
   Bank card for the core program announced: the direct upgrade for the new card 2012.09.10
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