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Taiwan's wafer production capacity next year is expected to become the world's first

 According to market research firm IC Insights survey, this year in Taiwan fab is approaching Japan, expected next year in Taiwan fab is expected to surpass Japan as the world's largest supplier of wafer fab capacity.

 According to the "Central" on the 12th, IC Insights recently released 2010-2011 annual report that the global wafer capacity, long ago, Taiwan's semiconductor industry is considered to provide only back-packaging and testing services, however, wafer manufacturing in Taiwan no longer seen as just the first 2 sources.

 According to statistics, Taiwan's wafer production capacity reached in 2.66 million per month about when the 8-inch wafers, approaching the world's largest wafer production capacity of 2.71 million in Japan. IC Insights estimates that Taiwan's wafer production capacity in the next year is expected to reach 3 million scale, will exceed Japan's 2.78 million, ranking the world's largest supplier of wafer production capacity.

 IC Insights also expects Taiwan's wafer production capacity in 2015 will reach 4.08 million, accounting for 25% of global wafer production capacity in Japan the proportion of total global wafer production capacity to about 18%; Taiwan and Japan will further widen the distance between .

 ICInsights said that Taiwan IC design houses are widely available, light wafer fab and foundry services, electronic systems, plants, etc., and thus the proportion of the global wafer production capacity rising.