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IC industry chain, to enhance the development of interactive

 Beijing's rapid development of the semiconductor industry, mainly due to the year 2000 the State Council promulgated 18 documents. No. 18 is released in a Beijing attaches great importance to the development of the microelectronics industry, introduced in 2001 to provide land, tax, interest subsidies and investment incentives of the government to follow up 4 files, and special funds, tax incentives the city Government Document No. 38. The past 10 years Beijing has made considerable progress in the microelectronics industry, China's microelectronics industry, an important gathering area.

  IC industry chain to achieve mutual development pattern is the base of the microelectronics industry in northern Beijing building the highest goal. From 2000 to 2009, the Beijing number of semiconductor companies from less than 30 to more than 150, total annual sales revenue from the 1.8 billion yuan to 191 yuan. In the field of integrated circuit design, design firms account for Beijing's ratio exceeds 1 / 4; in chip manufacturing, made in China's largest, most technologically advanced enterprises in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone; in packaging and testing areas, Beijing is not only Renesas assembly and test plant, and the United States, RFMD's Factory; in the equipment area, Sevenstar is the only equipment company listed on the integrated circuit; in materials, Beijing is not only engaged in silicon wafer production company has research, as well as in photoresist production Kehua Microelectronics, the company put into operation last year, has achieved profitability.

  The next five years, Beijing microelectronics industry will usher in a new development opportunity. In the past five years, Beijing's electronic information industry will invest more than 100 billion yuan. BOE TFT-LCD8.5 on behalf of the AOC annual production capacity of ten million lines and the whole project will promote the TV driver IC, image processor and LED backlighting, etc. nearest matching; SMIC expansion project will advance invest $ 1.8 billion, will production capacity expansion to 40,000 / month, post-expansion is in the demonstration stage; AMD's second research and development, sales, operations and other duties, including the global operations center will start construction in Beijing; to the core of Beijing Semiconductor Mobile Silicon Valley industrial park will start construction; In addition, Wei Xun, Renesas and other companies will further expand its presence in Beijing, UNIC technology, widely calculus electricity companies in Beijing also plans to build MEMS packaging equipment and product lines. At the same time, we hope the integrated circuit industry to the LCD, LED, solar photovoltaic and other large semiconductor radiation.