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Photovoltaic industry boosting Tianjin High-Tech Development Zone

Traceability of Tianjin, focusing on seaside. " Chinese photovoltaic industry development forum -- coastal opportunity" in November 8th is held at the Tianjin Saixiang Hotel. The forum two days, by the seaside new developed area people government is sponsorred, high-tech zones and SEMI China contractors, AU Optronics contractors. The forum by the Tianjin high-tech zones CMC vice chairman Liu Jinyuan presided over the. Seaside new developed area appoint vice secretary, warden Zong Guoying for the opening ceremony. Zong Guoying warden at the meeting stated Tianjin photovoltaic industry development planning three development trends, namely: thin film battery R & D and production; light-focusing battery R & D and production; BIVP is the center of system integration services. High tech Zone the development of photovoltaic industry in amorphous silicon battery industry chain production and CdTe production support, supporting the development of creating national photovoltaic engineering research and development center, China to build photovoltaic industry base of training talents and the establishment of the national Photovoltaic Testing and certification center. In the warden put forward high and new zone development goals: to 2012, photovoltaic industry total capacity to 1.8GW; 2015, reach 4.1GW. Application in the market, from the 2010-2015 years, finished 100000 photovoltaic roof, total installed capacity of 300MW. Coastal zone, the new ecological city in full swing PV demonstration projects.
 The forum, seaside new developed area via a letter appoint director Jin Donghu interpretation of the" seaside new developed area photovoltaic industry incentive policy", industry and information department inspector Wang Bohua worked in the level" Chinese photovoltaic industry development present situation and Prospect of" 2011. Tianjin Li battery limited liability company president Qin Xingcai published" from the traditional energy into the new energy strategy transition" speech, AUO energy ( Tianjin ) Zhou Wuxing of general manager of limited company 's preaching the" green commitment", foreign energy executives are on the" global and USA photovoltaic market overview and future development"," 2010 Global and the United States of America photovoltaic market overview and future development"," low carbon home to low carbon energy" delivered a speech, and PV manufacturing challenges and future market outlook.
 This forum is positioned in the photovoltaic industry depth of professional forum for both professional and direction, have a certain height and influence. The forum with the friends of new energy projects in the hi-tech zone and the influence of SEMI in global publicity platform, has become an important industry investment platform, promote new and high area energy industry development of resource advantage, attracted a group of new energy enterprises to high-tech zone investment. Promote the national high-tech zones in new energy and industrial base construction. To create the " seaside new developed area -- Chinese photovoltaic industry cradle" brand, make Tianjin from the national photovoltaic industry R & D base into the photovoltaic industry R & D and manufacturing base.
 Traceability of Tianjin, focusing on seaside. Tianjin with its strong H&D strength, rich human resources and geographical advantages, and covered with photovoltaic whole industry chain advantages, in the" 12th Five-Year Plan", the new energy is committed to the development of high-tech zones forming energy manufacturing, scientific research institutions and agencies to accumulate a large number of industrial base, scientific research continue to eradicate and realize local industrialization, application of market obtains major breakthrough, saving energy and reducing consumption to achieve substantially reduce the situation of Tianjin city, become the strategic emerging industry, area of annulus Bohai new energy industry highland, national important new energy application base, national first-class new energy industry cluster district, on behalf of China's new energy industry to participate in international competition in the forefront. Key task in the development of wind power, green batteries and photovoltaic solar energy in three major areas, and actively cultivate new energy vehicles, smart grids, fuel cells and other emerging areas.
 This morning, the forum will be conducted by the Pacific epoch investment advisory company vice president Liu Wenping chaired the summit dialogue and" film road to the future -- thin film technology and future development of topic discussion", which will to Tianjin Tianjin Coastal Zone Investment and development of photovoltaic industry plays an important role.