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TSMC expansion of Taiwan equipment and supplies supplier purchase

Wafer foundry leading plant TSMC to reduce the cost of spare no effort, which is the main way to cultivate local suppliers. In terms of equipment, have Han microbolometer and Han-chen smooth introduction of TSMC 12 inch plant. Past master in foreign hands the supplies products, TSMC also plans to gradually expand the proportion of local procurement, such as sand began to cut into TSM 12 inch plant supply chain, the weight is getting increasing. TSMC intends to achieve annual procurement costs fell 5 ~ 6% ends, solid foundry bibcock throne. The company expanded 2011 capital expenditure, local suppliers for the wave TSMC to expand capital expenditure benefit groups.
 TSMC is committed to reducing cost, internal unwritten regulations, is the annual procurement costs shall be reduced 5 ~ 6% goals. With nearly 2 years of capital expenditure expand, if the purchase cost to drop, it is conducive to boost the gross margin. For the balance of the high cost of overseas procurement with a remote supply, TSMC actively cultivate local industry production, supply, to reduce costs, speed up the delivery cycle.
 Observation of TSM on supplier 's attitude and strategies, from the annual supply chain forum can be seen. TSMC in Supply Chain Forum will be for supplier releasing important information and strategies, and strengthen the contact and consensus. In recent years, TSMC is constantly emphasize reducing the cost, strengthen the close relationship with suppliers and green supply chain for the spindle, which support local suppliers is implementing the strategy of.
 In semiconductor equipment industry in Taiwan, including Han microbolometer, Han! Chen has successfully into TSM 12 inch plant. As for the supplies, the vast majority of overseas suppliers city occupying rate is higher, the price is hard, but the TSMC began to gradually expand the Department of Taiwan industry to purchase, to balance the supply chain relationship. Market point, which is used for fixing the wafer rotating diamond dish local suppliers in sand has to squeeze rival 3M, from 2010 second half back into TSM 12 inch plant supply chain.
 TSMC to sand diamond disc, in addition to being based on the product quality and delivery considerations, sand and applied materials ( AppliedMaterials ) is one of the largest gasket factory Rodel and Korean KoddisTech strategic alliance, joint sales pattern mining. With TSMC 2010 purchase of multiple applied 12 inch plant chemical mechanical polishing equipment ( CMP ), also can let = diamond dish quickly scramble into TSM 12 inch plant market.
 TSMC actively expanding production capacity, 9 by the board of directors of NT $81260000000 capital budget, so as to expand the 12 " process, advanced production process and special process capacity, as well as 2011 over $800000000 in research and development budget, and also through the European subsidiary capital. In addition, the company also declared expanded 2011 capital expenditure, the future in the domestic procurement proportion promotion, Taiwan suppliers will therefore wave beneficiaries.