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copy pcb pcb board technology to enhance a large network of connections

 Board for the current copy of the existing technological backwardness, and the problem of low quality, after years of continuous exploration Tang people and non-negligent efforts, Tang ahead of other colleagues first proposed to provide a library package, the network connection between the pcb board file copy, copy board has resolved a long time must have a schematic in order to have the network connection between the conflicts and to reduce customer costs, and late to board the efficiency and success rate, to provide greater help.
  The current copy circuit board panels are basically removed all the devices, and then into the scanner scans saved as a BMP format file. Start POHTOSHOP, adjust the canvas contrast, brightness, check the lines are clear, if not clear, repeat this step. If clear, the survival of black and white BMP format TOP.BMP and BOT.BMP. Two BMP file format files were converted to PROTEL in PROTEL transferred in two, as had two of the PAD and VIA's position is coincident, indicating that the first few steps to do well, if there are deviations, the Repeat the third step. TOP layer scanning lines it wants to. Like other layers and so forth on it.
 This is the main copy board skills. Tang can now provide customers with a library package but also the network connection between the pcb board file copy. Technological advancements, Tang will always continue to work hard to provide more comprehensive customer service. Please consult Tang technology. tel :0755-83529610, Website: www.pcbmcu.com . QQ: 1480358053.