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Zhi-chao-delayed convertible bonds this year, the PCB industry for the industry's first funding setb

  Frequent noise climate panel, the world's largest photovoltaic panels Group Zhichao Technology (8213) have encountered funding "turbulence", the first domestic issue delayed the resolution of unsecured convertible bonds for three months, not even rule out the revocation issued this year print circuit board industry, the first case of financing setback. 
   Zhi-chao in recent years funding, expand the scope of one of the most active PCB plant, has made electronic systems League, Guangdong Province, mainland China, Cheung Fung Yu-ring technology electronics and the right to operate on 25 December last year, issuing new shares listed on underwriting, this year Cash capital increase gradually to do now and convertible bonds (CB), by raising completed in the current, CB postponed the application for three months.

  CB Yu Zhi Chao issued on the case, underwriting, the third quarter, inventory adjustment and electronic products, the NT dollar recently, negative stock price performance of the electronics, if the CB rush pricing issue is still much room ideal conditions, may also damage and shareholders' equity.