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Microsoft Shanghai cloud computing industry base floor for cloud computing application

On November 2nd, Microsoft and Shanghai cloud computing industry base in Shanghai today signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, both sides will establish a cloud application incubation center, and the first building of the "health cloud" and" small and medium-sized enterprise cloud" in two projects, cloud computing will be applied to the real life and work.
 In September this year in Shanghai Technology Park set up Microsoft cloud computing innovation center, the center is a major task is to use the Microsoft in cloud computing technology and experience, to help partners quickly into the clouds. The Shanghai cloud computing industry base of the cooperation that is cloud computing landing implement.
 According to the cloud computing industry base related to the person in charge, the two sides will set up a cloud application incubation center, plans to launch before the end of cloud computing project demonstration, and carry out the training of relevant personnel, hope that within the next 5 years the introduction of a number of cloud computing products.
 Microsoft introduced, this cooperation will be launched early" health cloud" and" small and medium-sized enterprise cloud" two project. " Health cloud" refers to the SaaS ( software as a service) the way to the Shanghai Zhabei District ( cloud computing industry base zone ) subordinate all hospitals and other medical institutions to provide hospital management and residents health archives management application service; in addition to Microsoft's technology platform construction of service area of e-government system and 2000 enterprises "the small and medium-sized enterprise cloud".
 In Shanghai, cloud computing has become the government attaches great importance to the emerging industry. In August 17th this year, Shanghai released the cloud computing industry development planning and plan of "clouds", the target is within 3 years, breed 10 exceeds 100 million yuan cloud computing business, promote the 100 enterprises Xiang Yun service transformation of information service industry, drive new income of 100 billion yuan, will build Shanghai into the" Asia-Pacific cloud computing center".
 As the" sea of clouds ", Shanghai city hall has established "the Shanghai cloud computing industry base", then in October 26th, and set up a " Shanghai city cloud computing innovation base", and the introduction of 1000000000 yuan of Industrial Development Fund" sea venture fund", to provide capital support for cloud computing.
 The government's lead attracted Microsoft and other enterprises to actively participate in. In addition to Microsoft, cloud computing is Chongzhongzhi is heavy. At present, Microsoft has 70% engineers engaged in cloud computing and related work, until March, this figure will increase to 90%.