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Guangde County released the PCB Industry Park Development Policies

In order to speed up the PCB ( printed circuit board ) industrial park construction pace, focus on the PCB industry become my county to undertake the transfer of industries of advantage dominant industry, this policy is formulated.
 One, land policy
 1, to settle PCB industrial park projects for priority, priority, priority, the key guarantee for pre.
 In 2, PCB Industry Park project in countrywide congener area minimum prices for industrial land strokes he hung, the county finance in accordance with the progress of construction projects, investment intensity, the scale of investment, finance and tax contribution award.
 In 3, PCB Industrial Park project, the completion of the project in its main body and land leasing is paid off, the state-owned land use right certificate issued by.
Two, fiscal and taxation policy
 In 1, PCB Industry Park project, since the date of production, its declaration and payment of value-added tax and enterprise income tax place is divided into segments, execute " 2 years before the full support, after 3 years halving support". In fifth years the amount of tax of 10000000 yuan of above enterprise, since sixth years, the declaration and payment of value-added tax, enterprise income tax place into a portion of each new volume, then halving support for 3 years.
 2, to put into production within three years after the payment of value-added tax and enterprise income tax of 10000000 yuan of above enterprise, the gas, water, electricity respectively by 0.3 yuan / m3, 0.2 yuan / ton, 0.1 yuan / degree standard subsidies, but the subsidy does not exceed the business was on the local financial contribution to the total disposable ( deduct place already in the year provided various forms of financial support ), subsidies for life for five years.
 3, since the actual for the date, the PCB Industry Park project land use tax imposed by the support of two years.
Three, infrastructure and environmental policy
 In 1, the county government responsible for the PCB Industry Park project and environmental impact assessment.
 In 2, the county government responsible for financing the construction of PCB Industrial Park sewage treatment plant. Sewage treatment plant is completed, settled in the PCB industry garden enterprise according to the scale of investment in fixed assets and sewage discharge capacity investment in shares, in the market to operate.
 In 3, project site before construction, county government guarantee project plots" three links one ping", to meet the basic needs of project construction; project completed and put into production, the county government is responsible for the completion of the "seven links one ping".
Four, charges related to unemployment
 In 1, PCB Industrial Park project involved in the process of the construction of administrative fees, will be the implementation of" zero fee"; production process involving administrative career sex collects fees, the spirit of " cancel or reduce " principle, according to " collect fees detail card" limited scope and standards.2, water, electricity, gas engineering design and installation projects, strictly limit the charging standard. Enterprises need the social intermediary service, bidding Center to implement bundling settlement, bidding and other means to determine the charging standard.
Five, encourage the listed financing
In 1, the first successful listing, registered in our county, and to raise funds more than 70% for my county development of the enterprise, the county government to listing fees 10% subsidy, and according to the different sections and the first stock amount of money raised, giving its legal representative a one-time award. To the enterprise for listing and the back taxes, and the retained part of original business partner award.
Six, encourage talents introduction and innovation of science and technology
 In 1, PCB Industrial Park project, the project plans a total area of 7% indicators used to concentrate by planning since the staff quarters and executives Residence, the nature of the land.
 2, enterprises and the introduction of professional and technical personnel and senior executives (including the chairman, the vice chairman, the general manager, deputy general manager, chief engineer, chief accountant and other ), yearly salary (salary ) the local finance income tax total rewards himself.
 3, support enterprises to carry out technology innovation and independent R & D. To obtain the national, provincial science and technology progress award, the national, provincial new finds innovative ( pilot ) enterprises and high-tech enterprises and high-tech products, the focus of new products, enterprises ( Engineering ) technology center, the R & D project results, the county government to reward.
 In 4, the province has been identified as high-tech enterprises transferred to my county, within the period of validity is no longer maintained afresh, reduced to 15% enterprise income tax.
Seven, optimize government affairs service
 1, the establishment of the Guangde County Industrial Park construction leading group PCB, has overall responsibility for the PCB industry park construction policy formulation, planning, investment and coordination and service work.
 In 2, PCB Industrial Park project county approval, by prefectural Center Project Services Agency, administrative service center" one-stop" for, in terms of working days; need to city-level departments for the relevant procedures, by the county administrative service center throughout the agent for.
In eight, attached to it
 1, investment in fixed assets of $100000000 or above of 10000000 dollar project, execute "be related is discussed", in the land, taxation and other aspects of giving more preferential policies to support.
 In 2, the file since two, issued in July 9th, a year the date of implementation.