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The PCB value increased in next year

 Taiwan printed circuit board the international application show recently! Taiwan printed circuit association director Chen Zhengxiong said, four boom a little slack season, but annual printed circuit board production value growth rate is two, next year can then grow into one.
 Taiwan printed circuit board ( TPCA Show ) international application show this year have been held for 11 terms, become world printed circuit board ( PCB ) exhibition second, second only to Japan's JPCA Show. In recent years TPCA continued to combine electronic assembly, green technology to expand the scale of this new industry, thermal management, integrated into the PCB, electronic assembly, green technology and thermal management of the four major theme, with a total of 263 exhibitors, 1118 booths, scale is better than last year, extended to 22 days, is expected to attract 15000 visitors with hot sales.
 Chen Zhengxiong said, N.T.Information estimates this year than last year, global PCB output growth of 17.8%, Taiwan PCB benefit electronics industry boom obvious recovery this year, coupled with the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer - driven electronic technology products of contention of a hundred schools of thought, the production value of annual growth rate of up to two, an increase of more than global, related data display, Taiwanese PCB next year to increase about a.
 Chen Zhengxiong said, information technology ( IT ) industry in the second half of the year industry boom has noise, the four seasons is relatively weak, mobile phone PCB factory one branch alone beautiful, in Apple products, intelligent mobile phone orders blessing, high connection density ( HDI ) board to present the full load capacity.