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NXP's new Cortex-M4 and M0 dual-core microcontroller

 NXP Semiconductors NXP Semiconductors NV announced the LPC4000 microcontroller, the series is the world's first use of ARM Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M0 asymmetric dual-core architecture of digital signal controllers. LPC4000 family of controllers for the DSP and MCU application development provides a single architecture and the environment. The use of dual-core architecture and NXP unique configurable peripherals, LPC4000 can help customers achieve a variety of development applications, such as: motor control, power management, industrial automation, robotics, medical, automotive accessories and embedded audio. NXP LPC4000 series controller will also participate in the 2010 Electronics Show in Munich, Germany (November 9-12) and the United States Santa Clara, California ARM TechCon Show (November 9-11).
 NXP Semiconductor vice president and global general manager, microcontroller product line said Geoff Lees: "LPC4000 is not just another a Cortex-M4 processor, but for the micro-controller and DSP applications launched a multi-core processing products. Configurable LPC4000 peripherals can reduce the function of the user's dependence on external ASIC. "
 Whether you want to get high math functions microcontroller designers, equipment or want to use more external DSP designers, unique architecture can benefit by the LPC4000. In addition, LPC4000 is also the designer of the existing DSC processor upgrade choice.
NXP LPC4000 family of controllers includes the following components:
 • Cortex-M4 processor. Cortex-M4 processor micro-controller, a perfect blend of basic functions (such as integrated interrupt controller, low-power mode, low cost and ease of debugging, etc.) and high-performance digital signal processing functions (such as single-cycle MAC, and single instruction multiple data (SIMD) technology, saturating arithmetic, floating point unit).
 • optimize the memory architecture. LPC4000 uses an optimized 256-bit wide memory architecture, not only by reducing the memory accesses to reduce power consumption, and give full play to the Cortex-M4 processor performance. LPC4000 has a two-block memory architecture, 1MB flash memory safe programming and flexible partition; LPC4000 with the Cortex-M series microcontrollers largest static memory (264 KB SRAM).
 • Cortex-M0 coprocessor. Cortex-M0 subsystem processor can share the Cortex-M4 processor move large amounts of data and I / O processing tasks, reducing the Cortex-M4 bandwidth, so the latter can fully control the application of digital signal processing in the figures. Asymmetric dual-core architecture to reduce power consumption, cost and complexity, provide developers with a single-chip solutions that enable software distribution easier.
 • unique configurable peripherals. NXP LPC4000 peripherals can be configured to include a unique configurable state machine timers, SPI serial flash memory interface and GPIO interfaces. Timer subsystem state machine can be configured by the state machine and timer array structure, can achieve a variety of complex functions, including event-controlled PWM waveform generation, ADC synchronization and dead-time control. SPI Flash interface for the vast majority of SPI and quad-SPI flash memory manufacturers to provide seamless high-speed memory mapped connection method. NXP LPC4000 GPIO device for the first time using the serial interface to allow developers to connect any non-standard serial interface and a variety of standard simulation serial interface, such as: I2S, TDM multi-channel audio, I2C interfaces. Some or all of the products of other peripherals including two HS USB controllers, chip HS PHY, supports hardware TCP / IP checksum of 10/100T Ethernet controller and high-resolution color LCD controller.
 • Standard functions. LPC4000 series standard features include all products containing the boot code and on-chip, software-driven 32 KB ROM, AES-128 decryption (encryption is only part of product support), general-purpose 8-channel DMA controller, two with the highest sampling rate of 400k / s 10-bit ADC / DAC, PWM motor control and quadrature encoder interface, 4 UART, 2 个 Fast-mode Plus I2C, I2S, 2 个 SSP / SPI, smart card interfaces, four timers, watchdog timer window , alarm timer, 256 bytes of battery-powered backup with ultra-low power RTC registers and up to 146 general-purpose I / O pins.
 As the first batch of the latest Cortex-M4 licensed ARM processor business partners, NXP Semiconductors is the industry's only provider of a full range of ARM core microcontroller products, including: ARM Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 manufacturers . The Cortex-M4 processor-based LPC4000 is the only one with the Cortex-M3 microcontroller pin-compatible products; use LPC4000, developers can use the same pin size for the micro-controller (M3) or DSC (M4) design system.