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2010, the second integrated circuit design enterprises and the market distributors seminar was held

 Recently, the China Semiconductor Industry Association, Suzhou IC Industry Association, Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic Network host of "2010, the second integrated circuit design enterprises and the market distributors Seminar" in the south of Suzhou International Expo Center grand opening of the conference area. The distributor with the 2010 seminar, "the Eighth China International Semiconductor Forum Expo" (referred to as IC CHINA 2010) The broad platform, following the "Huaqiang electronic network, power distributors," the first integrated in 2009 circuit design companies and distributors butt exchanges after successfully held in Suzhou is another passion of touch right.
  Sustained and stable development in the national economy and the semiconductor industry bottomed out in the form of integrated circuit industry has shown a good momentum of overall development. China's electronic information industry in recent years, rapid growth, contributed to China's domestic integrated circuit (IC) design companies rise, while the IC sales model has changed, direct marketing, sales agents and work closely with distributors, resellers market demand, define the product, product orders and under the provision of technical services and other modes coexist. Domestic distributors of electronic components in the promotion of the role is extremely significant, with the co-distributors can save product development costs, shorten product time to market, but also the channel through distributors of brand-name recognition quickly, distributors value of the show will bring out the strength of circuit design companies, distributors, manufacturers of the whole system more win-win situation. More and more IC design companies have recognized the value of distributors, urgent need for a distributor of communication and cooperation with the platform. IC design companies and distributors market is such a seminar for the IC design companies and distributors to provide face to face, to explore opportunities for cooperation between the service platform, in 2009, successfully held the first session, many IC design companies and market, distributors have seen its benefits and to guide the industry. 2010 Suzhou distributors organized by the director of marketing for Liu Huaqiang Electronic Network Rose presided over, in order to design companies and distributors by the representative of seminars, to discuss cooperation, corporate image and related products of these three forms, and the use of round-table "a for a "directly to the design of enterprise and distributors, solution providers, direct, targeted for cooperation and exchange.
 At present, China's electronics distribution industry, the situation has not been a standardized, in the distribution channel, account, money that there are security risks, and also faces pressure from international distributors, which makes the electronic distribution market competition Yulai The more intense, more low-profit distributors. These undoubtedly detrimental to the development of the industry, but also the challenges facing local distributors, distribution changes in the market is at the crossroads of integration, distribution change is imperative. Suzhou distributors seminar held in response to the timely distribution of changes in market demand for integrated circuits, electronic industry, the rapid development of important products. The seminar, attended by outstanding design firms and distributors, solution providers will discuss the future of IC design and market conditions and trends in distribution, distribution of the future development of the industry changes, positioning guidance to promote industry healthy and orderly development. Meanwhile, the Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University, BYD Co., Ltd., Suzhou Technology Co., Ltd. on behalf of Sun and Moon into a market will develop, respectively, as "Silicon germanium technology, products and markets", "BYD Microelectronics", "Technology and market-driven sales," the speech, and IC design companies to share experience in market development, and Intel Ling Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Shenzhen Jincheng micro-parts Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Huaqiang electronic trading network representatives will be divided sales presentations, the kinetic energy Century Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Shenzhen Jin Dapeng Technology Co., Ltd. and other industry leading companies are participating, analysis of industry market development and distribution of the participants to share success with distribution experience.
 2010 Second Road design companies and distributors seminar will help IC design and market products docking, and will further promote the Suzhou and Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region and other domestic design companies, solution providers and distributors exchanges and cooperation, through the linkage of upstream and downstream industries, with each other to form a community of interests, promote and facilitate the healthy development of the industry.