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SCHURTER launched the EMC filter and the two order electromagnetic interference filter

 Recently, SCHURTER to expand its filter product combination, the introduction of suitable for 1 phase system DIN rail installation series FMAB-RAIL and FMBB-RAIL, FMAC-RAIL and three-phase system with zero line of the three-phase system FMAD-RAIL EMC filter. In addition, the company also launched the FMBB NEO series single-phase high quality excellent order two electromagnetic interference ( EMI ) filter.
Installation guide for DIN EMC filter
 FMAB-RAIL and FMBB-RAIL single-phase filter design for 1x 250 VAC installation, the FMAC-RAIL three-phase filter and the zero line of the three-phase FMAD-RAIL filter design is suitable for 3x 277 / 480 VAC installation.
 These new small EMC filter is particularly suitable for use in industrial equipment and control system in the TS35 ( EN60715 ) DIN rails applications. DIN rail fixing device and assembly concept for SCHURTER FMAB -, FMBB -, FMAC - and FMAD - filter is convenient, time-saving socket.
 FMBB NEO series single-phase sophisticated type of two order electromagnetic interference filter
 The new FMBB NEO series filter with three different designs of sophisticated type of two order filter ( design, design and design F C D ), from high symmetrical and asymmetrical attenuation characteristics show. The filter has three special parameter selection, more clear and effective solution is the problem of electromagnetic interference. This series in the filter design C effectively reduce potential strong transmission interference, effectively reduce the high frequency interference in D design, design F to low frequency noise attenuation and design. Every design has high insertion loss filter effect. The single phase filter is based on IEC and UL / CSA standard design, the rated current applied respectively to 1-36 amp / 250VAC and 1-30 amp / 125 / 250VAC; ways of connection terminals or screws ( M4 ), also according to customer requirements to provide soft wire selection.
 This sophisticated type electromagnetic interference filter designed for industrial applications and build, applied to the stepping motor, inverter, uninterruptible power supply systems and converter. According to the special needs such as medical version requires discharge current are less than 80 micro ( M80 ) version and less than 50 microamps ( M50 ) version is also available. In addition to the series of products have passed ENEC and cURus certification, in full compliance with the IEC / EN 60950 equipment using standard.
 FMAB -, FMBB -, FMAC - and FMAD-RAIL series are unanimously passed UL and ENEC certification.