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LED lighting industry a storm is coming now

In the LED and lighting trade show you Changba me play time, LED Lighting Exhibition "lonely " is adumbrative behavior of wind and rain together? Or behavior more rational and pragmatic staff? - LED lighting network
 Shenzhen sky dark, typhoon MEGI is to level 17 strong wind in the Western Pacific." Do what one wishes without restraint ." city seems to enter the mighty storm preparation period.
 For a period of three days of" 2010 seventh Shenzhen semiconductor lighting exhibition" has finally come to an end, the author's mood than prior to the arrival of the typhoon weather more complex. The heart has unwilling doubt: This is the long-awaited Shenzhen semiconductor lighting fair?
 Needless to say, this exposition of the very small scale, but the domestic lighting, including rectangular ground, Spike, three major LED manufacturers and national seven LED industry base representatives unveiled.
 Each Pavilion exhibitors have devoted enthusiasm, but the results do not buy it.
 So drearily, mood how words to summarize, is recalling the past time, or look at the future of world prosperity? But there has been no play.
 Many people still remember last scene, a visitor is shaking the head says, last year the Shenzhen semiconductor lighting exhibition was quite busy, why this was so little.
 Walk in the small exhibition by twos and threes, who moved his hands, the pick and choose feeble. LED has a" problem" is not false, but not just spread it on firing? This abandoned attitude, really unacceptable.
 Well, it 's as it is not purely commercial exhibition, but an" authoritative" LED Lighting Forum, numbers may not be essential, the key is to through the forum, let LED enterprise group development is the key. The site will know, this so-called forum was just a real in the promotion.
 Speak the truth, even though the stage LED lighting field does not have any fight at outrance competition, but no business honestly his one's special skill to show and share. Something flickered fur line of people just perhaps short work, but for a slightly experience of the enterprise, is tantamount to display slight skill before an expert, said that no further joke.
 This attitude, hanging deceptive, many industry insiders still heavy-hearted asked: who stole LED lighting "microphone"? The answer is obvious, others to own things are busy, no time to grab your microphone, but LED lighting lifting a rock only to drop it on his own feet. Besides, the microphone too much, they had no need to grab!
 People often says, attitude is everything. Even though LED has all the skills, should also be low-key way, or can only get the opposite of what one wants. In fact, LED is not like people boast that kind of magic.
 Yesterday, is also in October 18th, the author and colleagues to visit the Shenzhen lighting market, accidental discovery, LED lamps in the market even in supporting roles are not sing. Its performance, so we let these on LED gives great expectations the embarrassing.
 Once read a article" LED lighting in the Warring States period", the author talked about the call a spade a spade, LED lighting market will likely is the crystal lamp market after a bully market.
 Indeed, just as the author says, like crystal lamp, only the style models, Hugh tube brand quality, LED also just as energy saving, regardless of other risks. It is reported, a brand of fluorescent lamp enterprises introduced LED lighting price was the other small brand LED lighting ten times above, the same product, price is such great disparity, you try to expand the rich associative, such a market, such product, talk about affordable, cost-effective, mentions from where?
 In addition, the market of LED lighting sales also far less media coverage as it is hot. Review the market, LED lamps also can it be placed in other lamp shop attached to a sell only, the current is still not formed channel mode, even a decent professional stores are very hard to find.
 A drop of water can reflect the sun's glory, through the seventh session of the Shenzhen semiconductor lighting exhibition, we can faintly foreseen, the field of LED lighting storm is coming. Ancient town lights Fair is like a raging fire of in any case, the author also does not have the courage to go have a look, hopefully, this time, LED lighting can bring public fishes should comfort.