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China lifted upsurge" chip companies"

 Peking University, Tsinghua University and other first-class university in China every year to cultivate talents in research is lifted upsurge of Chinese chip company main force. China Science and technology personnel amounts to 42000000, close to the Korean general population. Only professional R & D personnel amounts to 1900000.
 Go up 30 days month day, there are 4 new chip company registration. Can say, China launched a" chip business boom". These enterprises involved in the field are mostly system chip. Specially designed chip, number of staff in the 20 to 50 people "chip design" company also nearly 1000 home.
 Korea chip industry association leader LeeMin-yeONg says: "in system chip fields, play different role in the cooperation between enterprises is very important, therefore, the chip number of enterprises is a kind of competitiveness."
 Wake up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like born Chinese chip companies and the Chinese government focus on investment are inseparable. The Chinese government plans, the next 5 years to invest 25000000000 dollar chip industry.
 China chip technology levels are rapidly improving. The global four big chip International Conference of Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference ( A-SSCC ) in July this year, China held at the Crowne Plaza Park View Wuzhou Beijing on review activities, Chinese scholars and researchers presented 58 papers. 11 of them have been adopted as official papers. But before 2005, China had not been submitted papers.
 In a review of the Korea Institute of science and Technology ( KAIST ) power electronic engineering professor JoSeong-hwan said:" China 2, 3 years before submitting a thesis level is not high, but this review submitted papers including South Korea and Japan are studying new technology."