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Guangdong started the first integrated package LED lights local standards

  Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province and vigorous promotion of guidance, evaluation benchmark, Guangdong semiconductor lighting system (hereinafter referred to as "benchmarking system") and study the implementation of six months in the study of all aspects of considerable progress, the most prominent results One is that research projects will facilitate and accelerate the standardization process of the LED lighting industry in Guangdong.

 Implementation unit from the benchmark system, semiconductor lighting project in Guangdong Province, the Ministry of Innovation Alliance initiated research, benchmarking system, the project involved the common units and related companies set up a benchmark system standard contract alliances, launched a benchmarking system management practices and benchmarking system, such as Alliance standard detection methods drafting of the development work and for the formation of local standards.

 Benchmark system for evaluation of the first street in the product, all have their own unique design style and technical implementation, a good display of the diversity of characteristics of the product market in the sale. However, studies have found that the diversity leading to a problem can not be ignored: the basic parts due to product standardization is not well carried out, regardless of LED lighting product manufacturers, product users, or power-driven, connected devices, electrical accessories, machining parts suppliers and other products are constantly in the "specialized design - small batch production - product out - an upgrade" process in the cycle, the LED lighting to save energy wasted in production and design aspects.

  Therefore, the project team in the evaluation results based on the "light modular, standardized power supply, connect unified" point of view, the optimal design and infrastructure to connect standard curing down to avoid each product independently re-designed reduce the cost of basic design. Currently, the project team has substantial Advocacy Alliance standard, "integrated package (COB) LED lights," the setting and quality supervision department has applied for a project, Guangdong Province, local standards, the standards will become the first integrated package (COB ) LED lamps landmarks.

  Through the benchmarking system will be implemented in different technology routes the results of horizontal product review comparison, examining the common characteristics of different lighting applications and systems solutions, and the formation of Union standards, is more suitable for the rapid development of technology, standardization of new industries New ideas, new methods will help to standardize research and technology simultaneously, this upgrade for the entire industry a huge boost.