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Apple's fourth quarter net profit of $ 4.31 billion up 70%

 October 19, Apple released the same day ended September 25, 2010 fourth quarter report. Reported that Apple's revenues for the quarter $ 20.34 billion, up 67%; combined net profit of $ 4.31 billion $ 4.64 per diluted share, an increase of 70%.
 Key performance data:
 Apple's fourth-quarter net profit of 43.1 billion U.S. dollars, $ 4.64 per diluted share, compared with $ 2.53 billion, diluted earnings per share $ 2.77.
 Apple's fourth fiscal quarter revenues of $ 20.34 billion, compared with $ 12.21 billion.
 Apple's fourth-quarter operating profit of $ 1.672 billion, higher than last year's $ 1.392 billion.
 Gross margin was 36.9%, compared to 41.8%. International 57% of total revenue.
 Divided by product sales:
 The quarter, Apple sold 3.89 million units MAC computers, up 27 percent over last year. The quarter, Apple sold 14.1 million iPhone, 91% more than last year. Apple iPod quarterly sales of 9.05 million, down 11%. Apple sold 4.19 million units for the quarter iPad tablet.
 Apple Americas fourth-quarter revenue of $ 7.186 billion, compared with last year's $ 5.236 billion, up 37%; Europe segment revenue for the $ 5.458 billion, compared with last year's $ 3.235 billion, up 69%; Japan segment revenue for the $ 1.401 billion, compared with last year's $ 634 million up 121%; Asia Pacific segment revenue for the $ 2.732 billion, compared with $ 1.061 billion last year up 157%; retail sales of $ 3.566 billion, compared with last year's 20.41 billion U.S. dollars increased 75%.
 iPad sales below analysts' expectations:
 Lower than expected Bloomberg: Apple's profit expected to be below the average analysts surveyed by Bloomberg expected, analysts expect earnings per share were $ 5.03. Apple said parts shortages that may affect the iPad tablet PC sales.
 Lower than expected brokerage Piper Jaffray: Apple sold last quarter, 419 million iPad, lower than the investment bank Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster (Gene Munster) of 4.5 million units expected.
 Lower than expected Oakbrook Investments broker: The broker's chief investment officer Jilichelu Curry (Giri Cherukuri) said sales last quarter iPad parts of the product may be subject to supply constraints. Chelu Curry said: "People are somewhat disappointed by sales of the iPad, Apple is expected to make the next quarter is also very conservative."
 Executive position:
 Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "We have over $ 20 billion quarterly revenue mark, after-tax net profit of over $ 4 billion, have broken the Apple history. IPhone sales grew 91% to 1410 million units, far more than RIM last quarter of 12.1 million sales. remainder of the year we will also create a new surprise. "
 Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said: "We are strong quarter performance was very happy about the quarter generated $ 5.7 billion operating cash flow. Looking first quarter of fiscal year 2011, we expect revenues approximately $ 23 billion, diluted earnings per share of approximately $ 4.80.