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Intel will promote ultra low voltage CPU circuit board manufacturers will benefit from HDI

  Intel (Intel) will vigorously promote CULV (Low Voltage) CPU architecture, due to CULV framework will guide the high-end models in the HDI board into the cheap models, will greatly increase the demand for HDI board, PCB manufacturers Xin Xing, Hua Tong HDI technology with other manufacturers will benefit. Recent mobile phone firms and benefit from the mainland under the effect of NB covering inventory, so the PCB mill Southern Electric, Xin Xing and other orders to restore visibility to 1 month, estimated in March sales expected to grow one to two percent.

  HDI PCB board manufacturers as dwell in different shades, but the market named Xin Xing, Hua Tong, Tripod, gold, like electricity more technical skills, Xin Xing is the leading maker of HDI board, Xin Xing is expected to be benefit the most.

 Intel's low-voltage HDI board is mainly used in high-end business models, with power-saving, environmentally friendly features, Intel's CPU architecture will CULV HDI board extending from the high-end commercial market to cheap models. From the price point of view, HDI board price of about $ 10 per piece, the traditional NB board about 6-8 U.S. dollars, HDI board cost more than conventional panels, Intel cost considerations under the framework of the NB board cut CULV board, vice board, HDI board motherboard, vice board still maintain the traditional NB board, which can meet the low-cost, low-voltage needs.

  In addition to the overall atmosphere of the printed circuit board near term, visibility of orders from the original 2 weeks, gradually lengthen to 4 weeks, capacity utilization rose significantly in general, industry has become more clear signs of the atmosphere, among which the NB-related order of the most active. NB Power specializing in gold plate as the mainland Changshu plant has been close to full capacity, production capacity as the world's first large-scale HannStar Bo also increased to 70%, in addition to the traditional complement of stock effect of NB, the small electric orders Redu diminished also boosted shipments to enlarge one of the main.