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Apple iPhone 6 year a monthly income of China PCB rigid-flex PCB single release

Because iPhone coming in June sales in China, plus the third generation iPhone in the second half of the year, mobile phone industry near future comes out, the latest iPhone PCB rigid-flex PCB purchasing order have been released. In the HDI main board part, light, film out, Xin Xing rob Dan Chenggong, soft board parts supplier continues.
 Even though the overall procurement volume than previous generation models reduce half, but in the weak market demand at the moment, there is still considerable health benefits.
 Apple iPhone into China negotiations still in progress, but China telecom industry is disclosed, but iPhone sold in China is a foregone conclusion, power of sale is expected by China Unicom win, formal sales points of time in June.
 In addition, apple recently to make a new generation of models, namely the third generation of iPhone debut, and plans to make the aircraft began in July sales, therefore, in order to meet since the second half of the year, iPhone China machine with third generation aircraft sales schedule, related components have recently begun to release purchase order.
 Mobile phone industry comes out, pause season parts procurement orders last week began to release, on a printed circuit board of the HDI motherboard part, supplier includes tripod, Xin Xing and Huatong 3, soft board the largest supplier for Wei, followed by the Hon Hai Group under the Hongsheng, as well as foreign factory M-Flex, non motherboard part of the order by the station, take, soft copper foil substrate is mainly composed of a rainbow, but the news will not respond to suppliers.
 Notably, the iPhone PCB plate supplier and the second generation have obvious differences, in the second generation of supplier certification through the Xin Xing, this stage a comeback and regain the Apple 's favor, but capacity huge south circuit board Waterloo, as for the academy electric nor as successful as the last grabbed the last card supplier number, and Apple 's old partner Huatong, still firmly in the largest supplier in the throne, tripod is still among the ranks of providers.
 The apple iPhone release purchase order, the expected number of at least 2 ~ 3, one of which is a second generation iPhone small change, major differences in the removed Wify functional components, this type of mobile phone in China will be asked, still 3G models. Another, it is the third generation of iPhone machines, mainly the image sensor, camera function promotion.
 Apple 's iPhone release rigid-flex PCB purchasing order, single season only 4000000 mobile phone, although far less than the past single month moving optional reached 300 ~ 4000000 of the demand for mobile phone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, but in the international manufacturers of weak demand at the moment, can successfully receive the orders PCB rigid-flex PCB Factory, there are no small tonic effect, the industry think, at least for higher capacity utilization rate and enhance the performance of single month help.
 Hearsay: in HDI main board part, from Yan Xing, soft panel part of the largest supplier is wei.