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Market research: panel may be closed up in November

 Professional market research firm Displaybank director Ricky Park, said the Chinese mainland during the National Day holiday, sales exceeded expectations, with the end of peak season demand, panel makers will gradually return to normal inventory level, do not rule out the panel prices rose slightly in November 1 to 2 dollars.

  Displaybank that the first half of October information and electronic (IT) with the panel price decline has slowed down and the TV panels continued to decline. First half of October most of the IT end of September compared with the flat panel price, the price decline has slowed down.

  October Displaybank large-size panel price survey, due to National Day holiday in mainland China and Europe by the end of demand-driven, with panel makers affected by changes in capacity utilization, IT panel prices decline slightly with ease.

  Displaybank said the first half of October with a panel of electronic information and prices about the same as the end of September, is expected in October with a TV panel prices continued to fall. If panel makers continue to cut and the end demand is still busy, the future of electronic information may be slightly higher with the panel.

  The first half of October as the base, Displaybank statistics, with a 18.5 in. LCD wide-screen panels on the end with the same price, $ 53. Laptop with 15.6 inches wide-screen panel for each 46-dollars, with the same last month.

  In addition, the TV panel price fall is still continued, the first half of October, 32-inch wide-screen panel prices fell last month at the end of $ 5, $ 165, and 42-inch wide-screen panel price $ 278, down $ 7 at the end of the previous month.

  But unlike the information and electronic cash with the panel price is almost the cost price, TV panels from the cash because there is still a gap between the cost price, it is expected that the production of TV panels continued to upgrade, the price of TV panels will continue to decline.