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PCB: Innovation Industrial Park, hopes national brand

 In recent years, China's PCB (printed circuit board) industry has achieved rapid development, the rapid growth of China's PCB output value of global PCB industry has become an important driving force. In order to achieve the sustainable development of the domestic PCB industry, must make a national brand products to the front of the PCB.
Industry must rely on national brands.
  China PCB industry after nearly 20 years of rapid development, has become the world's PCB industry, the backbone of the most important and irreplaceable: the average annual growth of 25.35%, yield the world's first, is the real PCB producer. China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA), said blocking consultant Lin in PCB industry, the development process must rely on national brand products to make our country from the PCB-producing country to PCB production power.
  He said that China is a developing country, due to industrial base and technological capability is relatively weak, the introduction of the developed countries in the development process of products processing, while enhancing the strength, but we can only introduce low-end products and process technology, high-end products and cutting-edge technology is difficult to obtain. "At present, even for some time to continue the introduction of Western, the low-end products and process technology is not suitable for China's national conditions of. Obviously, to become PCB production power, can only rely on their own innovations, and only rely on local technology professionals and national industry can be realized. "Lin said block.
  Although China's PCB industry in raw materials and production and testing equipment performance and technology content is not high, but the only firm to use and believe that national brand products in order to use the process of continuous improvement, and continuously improve product performance and quality, and only by doing so can carry out high-end products and cutting-edge technology research and development.
  Shennan Circuits, said general manager radium from the ninth China PCB business ranking list published by, the domestic rigid board, flexible board, Allegro was diversified balanced development of the enterprise, enhance the overall strength of the domestic PCB industry, the rapid development of industry trends In the coming period will continue, especially in the domestic PCB industry, related industries will be the future development of the PCB industry an important support.
  At present, China Printed Circuit Association is carrying out the second "printed circuit industry, national brands" contest. The vice chairman and secretary general, said Wang Longji, the selection covers the PCB manufacturer, CCL and other raw materials business, special equipment, tools, equipment companies and service-oriented enterprises. "The contest has 116 companies involved in over the last 30 the number of enterprises increased by nearly 3-fold, indicating that people more and more attention to this matter." Wang Longji said. In fact, the gap between domestic and foreign PCB is not very big, a lot of local production of PCB products and foreign products, has been comparable, while the previously restricted domestic PCB industry equipment, domestic enterprises have also started from low-to mid- even into the high-end, but getting closer with the level of foreign, such as flying probe test, AOI equipment. "National brand selection activities is to build a platform to introduce Chinese companies to let the industry know that China is a good brand of the Chinese PCB industry to move towards prosperity, national brand awareness is very important." Wang Longji emphasized.
  Essential to create a PCB Industrial Park
  The end of May this year, Anhui Tongling PCB Industrial Park park opened, the industry said, to protect the PCB industry, sustainable development, society must change the pattern of small enterprises, PCB industry is in line with the construction of such park needs.
  Wang Longji said, PCB Industrial Park was created as a vital industry innovation. Industrial Park building for the Government to play a service function, environmental protection, warehousing, logistics and other services and staff commitment to living up to enable enterprises to concentrate on R & D and production innovation.
  At present, China's PCB industry development ideas from south to north, from east to west and extended, it is necessary to establish twelve ten PCB-based electronics industrial park in order to meet the needs of electronic information industry. Wang Longji that industrial park to create an electronic circuit must meet the following requirements: first through the EIA, the second to have first-class design, the third country to have recommended the waste management facilities, the fourth to logistics, warehousing and staff life into the local government's service area.
  He said, Tongling PCB Industrial Park, for example, to reduce the operating costs of environmental protection enterprises in the park, industrial park to build a green PCB, PCB Tongling supporting the construction of environmentally friendly industrial park center responsible for handling PCB waste water and solid waste, environmental center planning day handling PCB waste 4.5 million tons, 3000 tons in solid waste handling, processing capacity in the country. The establishment of PCB industrial park in Tongling, China's PCB industry's sustainable and healthy development and create a new model, created the first government-sponsored green PCB Industrial Park, the first use of separate collection, centralized processing, discharge cleaning production model park. "At present, there are some electronic circuits industrial park is under construction. Believe that these industrial park construction, can significantly promote the development of China's PCB industry." Wang Longji finally told reporters.