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High energy consumption of up to three percent decline in LCD TV

 "Flat-panel TV energy efficiency of limited value and energy efficiency rating of" national standards will be officially on December 1 this year, implementation, less than three flat-panel TV energy efficiency standards will face the next frame. From the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce noted that the current mainstream TV companies have begun to clean up high-energy television inventory. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo, inventory liquidation in the coming months will lead to sharp price cuts TV market.

  It is understood, according to the national standard, flat-panel TV energy efficiency is divided into three levels: one is the best energy-saving effect, two energy-saving products for the evaluation level, three levels of market access, less than three energy-efficient standard plate TV will be phased out. National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to data released in July revealed that the three LCD TV market share of 2.4%, 10.8% and 72.3%, and 14.5% of the product does not meet the standards, new standards will be implemented in the back City.

  At present, the TV business is mainly ordinary stock LCD TV (CCFL-backlit LCD TV), TV energy consumption of such relatively large, the future may be replaced with LED-backlit LCD TV. Recently, Hisense, Skyworth, Samsung, Sharp and other major Chinese and foreign TV companies are promoting LED TV as the second half of the main. Point of sale terminals, the high energy consumption of LCD TV will reach the maximum three percent decline. Suning Appliance store that has a full cessation of purchasing high-energy flat-panel TV.