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Electronic label industry will usher in a bouncing type growth opportunity

 Recently, electronic label ( the industry also known as electronic tracing system ) industry leading Yuanwang Valley strong upside, while high Che-hung shares stock is active again.
 Recently, the office of the State Council issued the "on the further strengthening of dairy quality and safety working announcement:" before the end of 2011, completed the infant formula milk powder and raw milk electronic information traceability system construction and the relevant standards, laws and regulations, and gradually in the dairy industry to carry out electronic information tracing system.
 While the current electronic information tracking system mainly uses RFID technology, because of the milk powder retrospective electronic information system is the first mandatory, the RFID industry has a strong demonstration effect, the RFID in other sectors of the large-scale promotion play a role. Industry analysts believe that, if the RFID in milk products electronic information tracing system to succeed, it will be for future RFID in the majority of the food, drug safety large-scale promotion opportunities. The viewpoint that in the short term, in addition to domestic milk powder products, most likely in the vaccine field, field of genetically modified foods starting electronic information tracing system. Home is at present annual wholesale sales of a kind of vaccine and two types of vaccine over 300000000 agents, if in the future the mandatory use of electronic information tracking system, the RFID increment will be not less than 1000000000 yuan. And if all initiates electronic information tracking, market dimensions will exceed 10 billion over the next 5 years, the RFID market will show a growing by leaps and bounds.
 The angle that develops from the industry looks, national technology, Datang Telecom, in the upper reaches of the industrial chain; have a strong advantage of own intellectual property and industrial advantages of Yuanwang Valley, Chinese laborers technology or will be faced with first mover advantage, suggest active tracking. In addition, new shares in the end a stocks due to the release of production capacity, is expected to hold industry capacity expansion investment opportunities brought about by.