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The $20 development tools MCU fresh out of the oven, U disk design defines the product usability

 In February 21st, Dezhou instruments ( TI ) in Beijing announced a $20 ultra low power MCU eZ430-F2013 development tools, this tool not only enables new users to within a few minutes the rapid assessment of MSP430 MCU architecture, but also for the developers to provide a complete the entire MSP430F20xx project all the necessary resources. EZ430 tools using ultra small U disk shape design, allegedly the small MCU development and assessment tools, $20.
 TI is responsible for senior embedded control products marketing director Mark Buccini said:" we attach great importance to customers save development time and costs. EZ430 can not only well fast MCU assessment, but also the only one market using U disk design integrity of MCU development tools. With the help of eZ430, the designer can be an easy job to use MSP430F20xx MCU to realize embedded design project development."

 TI senior embedded control business development manager Diao Yong said 10 years ago, and prices in the thousands of dollars to the circuit simulator and 5 years ago to hundreds of dollars embedded simulator, eZ430 embedded simulation technology to the next level, only $20. EZ430-F2013 tool can be connected to a standard PC USB port, its convenient power supply without the use of external cable or power supply trouble. U disk contains a simulation interface board and an easily removable MSP430F2013 target plate, this is eZ430 than other fixed function assessment system is unique. By using the TI Spy Bi-Wire debugging interface, as well as the power supply and grounding of the two signal can realize the simulation interface and the target application connection, which can lead to very low cost to realize very compact and high performance MCU design.

 Diao Yong points out, the detachable plate 's advantage lies in: it is not only the demonstration boards; separate simulator to realize remote debugging; constructing a complete independent projects. Simulation of circuit board with MSP430 MCU target device simulation logic friendly system communication, and has the same electrical characteristics and the final application, thus eliminating the expensive and time-consuming intermediate step. The circuit board is not only aimed at the USB interface using TI TUSB3410, but also uses the TPS77301 system with 3V regulator. Target board MSP430F2013 all 14 pins are available industry standard 0.1 inch hole base ( though-hole header ) derivative, and the target plate is also provided for output indicative of the state of LED.

 EZ430 tool contains a set of integrated debugger, assembler and C language compiler free IAR Kick Start embedded workbench IDE. It is used for all MSP430 MCU IDE, developers can make full use of existing code and professional technology. Users can visit the TI website for more than 100 free C language and assembler source code examples.
 According to introduction, TI MCU products include three series: ultra low power consumption based on MSP430; 32 general TMS470 ARM7 MCU; TMS320C2000 high performance digital signal controller. The ultra low power MSP430 mainly for table type applications and portable measuring instruments, including MSP430 and general 1XX and upgrade version of 2XX series, 4xx series for special applications, as well as TI planned 2007 launch of more high-performance 5xx / 6xx series.

 MSP430F2013 MCU TI recently launched MSP430F20xx series one, high operation speed of 16MIPS, without any external components. MSP430F20xx series fully programmable clock system in the whole temperature and voltage range is very stable, in less than 1 microseconds for the time period from 500 Na wake to standby mode to completely synchronized 16MIPS working mode, it can realize the event driven interrupt programming, thus prolonging the working time of the power saving mode, to ensure that use of smaller, lower the cost of battery.
 MSP430F20xx MCU working voltage of 1.8V to 3.6V, can be directly used in battery powered, can use 4mm x 4mm 14 pin package. Selectable converter includes suitable for low cost applications analog comparator; rate of 200000 samples / sec ( KSPS ), suitable for real-time signal processing 10 bit analog-to-digital converter ( ADC ); or is suitable in the high accuracy system of 16 bit sigma-delta ADC. All devices include high reliability enhanced watchdog timer 16 timer, multiple functions, and can provide greater design flexibility and field upgrade ability of the in system programmable flash memory. With the help of 128B RAM, complete functions of the 16 RISC CPU and the C language of the full set of development, developers to reuse the existing MSP430 instruction set architecture set ( ISA ) to shorten time to market.
 TI said, the MSP430 MCU circuit board platform not only meet the market for low power applications, such as measurement, portable instrument and intelligent sensor, and the energy, kinetic energy and heat energy a new embedded power supply more feasible.
 EZ430-F2013 tools are now available through the TI store to order, price 20 dollars. The fourth annual" 430" seminar will be held in 2006 May in more than 100 areas held, participants will receive free eZ430-F2013 tools.