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Continental PCB factory work towards holiday season

 The printed circuit board third season season not flourishing, but the Mid-Autumn Festival, eleven golden week vacation debut, Yaohua, table section industry 's mainland factory are still working on it, as long as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the eleven and two national holidays holiday, for the fourth quarter of the traditional peak season to prepare.
 Printed circuit board ( PCB ) industry this year boom obvious recovery, especially the second season off-season not weak, in production capacity, high revenue pad base, so that the third season from high strength decline. In particular, a thin film transistor liquid crystal display ( TFT-LCD ) panels and a personal computer ( PC ) demand, but the intelligent mobile phone with PCB factory or flexible printed circuit board ( FPC ) factory, the third season still at the Mid-Autumn Festival season, in the mainland, eleven Golden Week holidays are still working on it.
 Both products of TFT-LCD, NB, PCB and mobile phone connector ( HDI ) board tripod ( 3044), TFT-LCD, NB order is relatively weak, but from the mobile phone HDI is very prosperous, for smooth production, only eleven of the Mid-Autumn Festival, two day holiday.
 Second of the world's largest NB PCB plant like electronics (2368 ) admitted to using PCB, NB demand is weak, but the near future still has large customer product sales, is still considering whether all eleven consecutive holidays vacation; the table that, although not the busy season, but demand is still in September consolidated revenues, there is still a chance for one year rewrite the history new tall, so only two days off.
 The apple iPhone, iPad hot, so PCB factory orders. From HTC, RIM won't let, Yaohua said, capacity load, investment in mainland Shanghai Unitech electronic only in two national statutory holiday leave, revenue will increase month by month to November; FPC, Taiwan County (6269 ) pointed out, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, eleven is the day off, other times the normal production.
 Upstream of the FPC soft copper foil substrate ( FCCL ) factory new Janko said, copycat machine depending on the continent has cooled, demand emerged gradually, present feelings eleven long consumer electronics is also good, Golden Week holidays will not have a vacation.