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HP R & D of new electronic paper material: color display with low power consumption

  Since the plastic display development plan, HP in areas showing every act and every move is much outside attention. During the week of the flexible display screen display, HP has thrown up new research topic.
  Traditional electronic paper although without backlight, but need to pass on the ambient light dependent achieve normal display, but the light extraction approach also limits the display brightness and color display.
  HP appearance information laboratory scientist Gary Gibson said recently, they are developing a new kind of material, the material also need to rely on the surrounding light, but can appear brighter, color sharper images, and the power consumption is very low.
  Allegedly this composite material can be blue and green light are converted by Cheng Hongguang, or the blue light into green light, through the liquid crystal light valve to modulate light and fast switching.
  The technical principle is reminds us of the early this year when Qualcomm 's Mirasol introduced color e-book, its working principle is to control the exposure to the monitor light, through the subtle mechanisms to a pixel of the desired color. It is this use of ambient light, rather than relying on the backlight features, making it a LCD display technology for energy saving.