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SEMI: Taiwan once again become the world's largest semiconductor equipment market

 International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) recently released a new report shows SEMI World Fab Watch, fab spending in 2010 increased 117% over last year, reaching $ 35.514 billion.
 One amazing LED fab capital spending this year and next, respectively, estimated production capacity is up 33% and 24%. Strong investment will bring Taiwan's wafer fab equipment market grew 77% front, reaching $ 7.7 billion, the overall equipment market is the point of view $ 7.9 billion once again become the world's largest semiconductor equipment market.
 According to the latest published SEMI World Fab Watch report in 2010, fab capital expenditures (including plant, facilities and equipment) grew 117% over last year, reaching $ 35.514 billion, and estimated expenditures next year will have a fab 18% growth, reaching $ 42.035 billion.
 SEMI Industry Research senior manager ZENG Rui Yu further said: "This year, the growth of the semiconductor equipment market strength mainly from the foundry and memory manufacturers of strong capital spending and overall worldwide semiconductor equipment spending in 2011 can still maintain a healthy growth, estimated in 2010 will be $ 7.7 billion in Taiwan wafer fab capital expenditure for the global semiconductor equipment spending is among the highest, followed by South Korea's $ 7.4 billion. "
 Which, LED chip fab spending in 2010, a substantial growth in 2006, only the separation of the LED wafer assembly (Discrete) class fab 40% of total expenditure, however, in 2010 and 2011 years, LED chip fab separate accounts for the expenditure components (Discrete) class fab 90% of total expenditure, its strength is very strong growth.
 ZENG Rui Yu added: "LED fab capital expenditure for 2010 reached the highest point ever, and her large, although not with the memory, foundry or factory comparable to the huge capital expenditure, but did lead the explosive growth human eyebrows. "according to the report, LED fab estimated annual growth rate of 33% this year, next year is estimated there will be 24% growth.  

Global fab spending (plant and equipment / unit: USD million)

 In addition, SEMI announced on June 9 the first quarter of 2010 global semiconductor equipment manufacturing shipment value, reaching $ 7.46 billion, representing growth of 32% in the fourth quarter of 2009, more than last year's first quarter growth of 142%. In order value, the first quarter of 2010, the global semiconductor equipment orders $ 9.41 billion value of over the value of orders for the fourth quarter of 2009 grew 28 percent more than last year grew by 484%.
 The above data from SEMI and the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ) jointly collect information from more than 120 global equipment companies, to provide the latest information from the monthly statistics.


2009 / 2010 performance of all regions of the quarter shipments and quarter / annual growth rate (unit: millions of dollars).