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Goldman said hung as the second generation of iPad sole supplier of apple

In September 28th the news reported according to the overseas media, Goldman Sachs pointed out, the second quarter of next year will launch of Apple's second generation iPad, Hon Hai Precision may be new to iPad only supplier.
 Goldman Sachs analysts Henry King and Kevin Lu in a September 27th report points out, with a 9.7 inch screen new iPad target is more frivolous fuselage, a built-in camera and miniature USB.
 Henry King in a research note, Hon Hai may be the second generation iPad exclusive generation of industry and commerce. As the second generation of iPad compared to the first generation of iPad features, is more frivolous fuselage, weight about 10% less, in 2011 second quarter rolled out at the beginning of, should not cause the overall iPad shipments too big change, the Goldman Sachs remained flat computer shipments on 2011 35000000, where iPad accounted for 26000000 of the estimates, iPad is still dominant.
 Henry King points out, it seems, notebook computer and mobile phone companies force arch Android 3 Tablet PC, the first quarter of 2011 is expected to bottom launched, apple and Android camp in flat panel computer industry will be triggered at any moment of the war.
 As for 2010 notebook shipments ( including Netbook but not including the tablet PC and iPad ) growth rate, Henry King is currently estimated at 14%, lower than most of the brand, manufacturer and IDC estimate of 19%, and 18.9% in 2010, although the enterprise replacement demand and new CPU is seen as a boost demand inducement, but whether the iPad continued to share market, clearly will be more variables.
 According to forecasting, 7 inch screen iPad plan is not yet finalized.