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Printed circuit board ( PCB ) manufacturers season to enter the industry sales of season finale

Printed circuit board ( PCB ) manufacturers season to enter the industry sales of season end, previous single season earning will manufacturers fell 10 ~ 15%, however, this benefit from emerging countries to electronic product demand rapid growth, intelligent mobile phone and a tablet computer sales, the expected fraction of PCB plant fourth season earning and flat or only single-digit decline, to maintain a relatively high, will be better than market expectations, wherein, soft board factory of battalion of the third season will see highs.
 PCB to the individual fields of view, the price picks up in August 5 ~ 10% September, CCL manufacturers production cost rise slightly. A photoelectric (2383 ) the main customers for the mobile phone industry, the third season of intelligent mobile phone sales growth of 10 ~ 15%, add obtain Korean mobile phone industry OEM orders, prediction rate is lower than the second quarter rose by 30 ~ 40%, single season earnings per share 1 yuan and challenge. Union Mao (6213 ) computer and laptop customers, because the pen industry in the end of the second quarter to pull goods, 7, August for the inventory digestion, short-term demand slowed down, late September orders again temperature prediction, shipped in October had a chance to slightly better than September, annual earnings per share is expected to challenge 6 yuan. Taiwan Yao ( 6274) mainly to the sale of pen panel and photoelectric board supplier, October order slightly back to temperature, the anticipated fourth season to the first quarter of 2011 to obtain server new customer order, operation gradually bottom out.
 Mobile phone board, due to the recent popular intelligent mobile phone will consume a lot of HDI plate production capacity, coupled with the mobile phone board supplier capacity utilization since the second season being loaded, Xin Xing ( 3037), Yaohua ( 2367 ) and tripod ( 3044 ) has expanded plant movement.
 Mobile Phone FPC benefit iPhone and iPad both hot, sustained additional order. Taiwan County ( 6269) the sale of the touch panel with a soft board, mainly used in a flat panel computer, currently samples to intelligent mobile phone client authentication, expected the fastest season to first obtain the relevant orders. Kerry Lianyi ( 6153) touch panel with a soft plate for mobile phone applications, mainly sales good prediction of soft board manufacturers, two third quarter revenue growth of 10 ~ 15%.
 Panel manufacturers third season production to change inventory, but friends of (2409) LED TV shipping proportion by second season 15% to season third 30%, the radiating aluminum substrate for demand to add lukewarm, super and photoelectric started a small number of shipments. Super Third Season Adjustment of Zhongshan factory production, revenue forecast unchanged, the four seasons growth of 0 ~ 5%, the third quarter growth prediction tripod 5 ~ 10%, 0 ~ 5% in the fourth quarter glides, tripod profit ahead of schedule, the second half of the year will continue to carry out asset impairment and receivable loss.