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Trend of upstream PCB voice shares rose

 International copper price be promoted step by step, and also make this dinner on copper industry has to reflect the cost of PCB, out of new wave rally.
 Current has been determined will increase the copper foil factory, in addition, the upper cloth and glass fiber yarn is still in wait-and-see, but go up how many, expected next week will be finalized, estimate the copper plant should reflect the cost, fine tuning of 3% to 4%, but there are rumors that, because last month Rose did not reflect the full, will not rule out deferred to October price synchronization code, but, even so, estimate or at most in 5%.
  The London Metal Exchange ( LME ) 23 out of 3 months period copper ( CMCU3 ) quotes, up 45 U.S. dollars per ton price to $7885, nearly 5 months with the highs of $7909 a tonne, rapidly narrowing the price gap, be promoted step by step, and also affects the PCB manufacturer heart, in order to reflect the cost of copper plant in September, has been the first to reflect the cost of, announced the hike, but cupreous price still rises unceasingly, October copper price again from there.
 The third major domestic electrolytic copper foil industry Jin Ju points out, September every kilograms of copper price predetermined increase 7 cents, to $10.9, but considering the downstream industry to change ability, price reflects only 5 cents, to $10.7 in October, planned to increase 3%-4%, or even do not eliminate will last month failed to all reflect the increase, but also make up, but the actual amplitude modulation, is still negotiating with the client, scheduled next week will be the latest offer outgoing.
  Due to the international copper prices remain high, the domestic copper industry to follow the quotation is optimistic, excluding November and continued up the may.Copper price response cost, smooth turn valence to downstream firms, it is bitter downstream of CCL ( CCL ) factory, according to the author, the copper foil for copper foil base cost from 4 to 7 differ, depending on the degree of thickness of copper foil substrates are different, if the price increases in October 5%, in other words if cost ratio of 7 into the industry, reflected in the material costs of growth will reach 3.5%, if not smoothly passed out, for the CCL plant in the fourth quarter's profit may bring pressure boost.
  Focusing on this CCL plant succession of new capacity in the market open, did not appear apparent demand outstrips supply. Under the condition of market expectations, CCL factory even follow up quotes, success rate is not high, unless you won the two manufacturers in South Asia and Kingboard approval.
  The other was good, compared with the only theme is glass fiber cloth and glass fiber yarn, the first half of this year s frequency of glass fiber yarn, glass cloth, by buying the impact of weaker, supply gap gradually narrowing, glass fiber yarn and glass fiber cloth has 3 consecutive months of quotations drawn flat, as in October by copper foil can smoothly increase, rich Joe pointed out rose, copper foil is mainly a reflection of cupreous price rising costs, but the glass fiber yarn and glass fiber cloth can move, it is the market supply and demand, but in the current supply and demand situation, can only say short-term not cheapen pressure, as for the price, will ultimately depend on the market gap is expanding.