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LED PCB industry will bring new market

  In recent years, low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, more and more aroused a high degree of attention. LED lighting is in tune with this trend and the trend of energy saving. LED is a light-emitting diode, it is not energy-saving lamps, fluorescent tubes is not, but its brightness is of an ordinary lamp 5 to 6 times. Because of this, LED lighting, energy efficient lighting is becoming a trend.
  EU regulations, from September 1, 2009, all supermarkets are not allowed to sell incandescent bulbs, and do not sell high-pressure fluorescent lamps, LED lamps can only be sold. So, the next step how to develop our country? Is still vigorously promote energy-saving lamps, LED lighting is still actively developed? Indeed, as energy-saving lamps and LED, not really saving and energy-saving lamps used in the manufacture significant amounts of mercury, we all know, mercury on the human body, the environment is great, especially for energy-saving light scrapping deal fix will cause great pollution to the environment.
   LED lighting, energy-saving effect is very obvious, according to the data, if the total of China's lighting market, LED lighting, 1 / 3, then annual savings of two of the Three Gorges hydroelectric generating capacity.
   All countries attach great importance to the world of LED development and utilization of Japan's NEC has developed and marketed a new type of LED bulb, its general shape is similar to the current incandescent bulbs, are rapidly spread to ordinary households. The printed circuit board world-renowned production company AT & S Austria is actively developing LED printed circuit board, and planned to class printed circuit board as the backbone of future products. Matsushita Electric Works in 2 to 3 years prior to the development of a suitable LED with high cooling performance of the CEM-3 CCL, and "CPCA SHOW" on the show too.
   The current South Korean government is implementing the lights replaced with LED lighting plan. South Korea's electronics industry associations took the lead in the world KPCA LED printed circuit board with a standardized set up a LED printed circuit board with the working group, is losing no time to develop the standards, to promote the LED printed circuit board with the standardization work.
   Japan's electronics industry will (JPCA) has released this year, the Association developed "JPCA-TMC-LED01S high-brightness LED electronic circuit board standard" and "JPCA-TMC-LED02T high-brightness LED electronic circuit board testing method."
   LED printed circuit board with some of us think not only is the use of metal matrix (Al) CCL PCB, but according to different uses, some of the normal FR-4, FR-5, CEM-3, Flexible polyimide board, and some have thermal vias using the resin substrate, thermal conductivity of the resin substrate, and some metal Kiki wood, metal core substrate, ceramic substrate.
   We have been talking about the product structure adjustment, LED energy-saving features, will inevitably become a very important industry. Extensive use of LED lighting, a huge market, China's energy consumption will not only have a huge impact, but also will provide for our printed circuit industry, a huge market.
  Information age, information is the opportunity, we printed circuit industry, entrepreneurs, have to see whether the LED business, let us prepare to meet the era of LED lighting!