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Develop practical criteria for PCB industry far-reaching impact

   The State Environmental Protection Department recently developed by the national standard" clean production standard printed circuit board manufacturing" and" electronic industrial pollutants emission standard of electronic components", our China Printed Circuit Industry Association CPCA are able to participate in the formulation, it is government of our Association 's attention and trust, and this is our industry to develop quickly in recent years results. Our association and the vast majority of enterprises are actively involved in the work of these two, as is the two standards can meet the national requirements, but also can make the most of enterprises through the efforts can be achieved after the.
   From the standard dictionary explanation is:" the criterion that measures a thing"; from professional books explained:" in a certain range for the best order, porcelain consensus developed and by the recognized authority for approval, common use and reuse of a normative documents." This shows that once the standard, all of our enterprises must be hundred-percent standard implementation, it also tells us that we must be on the standard of each data charge, allows us to formulate the standard of each index can in the implementation of practical.
  The current" electronic industrial pollutants emission standard electronic components" has entered the stage for comments, many enterprises including waste management company in succession to associations reflect said: the standards formulated by the state of some indicators than the original GB 8978 a 1996" integrated wastewater discharge standard" and GB16297 - 1996" integrated emission standard of air pollutants." the limit requirement is improved many, more stringent requirements.
   Environmental protection can not rely on unlimited increase the limit value, and our recent environmental pollution is mainly not because of low standard caused by, because of our original standards were higher than that of the developed countries. This new standard for copper emission requirements, 0.5mg / L, this not only more than the developed countries in the world of Japanese 1.3mg / L, 2.0mg / L in the United States, Europe's 3 mg / L levels, and more than the national drinking water standard of copper content in the 1.0mg / L - times. That is to say if we will be drinking tap water directly when the waste water is discharged, will exceed the standard penalty, this is actually a very ridiculous topic. But because the copper emission standard 0.5mg / L is the state has promulgated standards, all walks of life to adjust, so here we are incapable of action, but as a joke by expose oneself to ridicule.
   But there are three required reporting and strive:
  It a: the discharge standard for COD emission standards, the past the most stringent is 100 mg / L, most of the enterprises are difficult to do, because of printed circuit board production of organic matter in the wastewater are hundreds of recipe confidential chemicals generated, it is difficult to clear polymer compounds, processing than the general industrial wastewater COD difficulties. Now request in a year in all enterprises increased to 80mg / L, which is not only a large number of enterprises difficult to achieve, is a lot of waste management company also feel difficult. We should strive to 100 mg / L for limit.
  Second: in this standard, unit product baseline displacement ratio of cleaner production standards and a lot of high. This standard stipulated amount of water only Japanese PCB 1/10 of the water used, combined with solid content and the COD index and mutual restraint, enterprises really the two standard executing at the same time it is very difficult. Wastewater emissions quota should not be strict in cleaner production standard, otherwise the cleaner production standard makes no sense. Cleaner production standard and after a large number of enterprises discussed repeatedly struck by. We should strive to and cleaner production standards.
  Third: Japan, the United States and Europe already will " PCB" from the" electronic" split, listed separately. We asked for in this standard will be printed circuit board (including copper clad plate ) standard and electronic element juxtaposed, because the basic process of printed circuit and electronic component far apart.
  We believe that the standard setting must seek truth from facts, to high standards and strict requirements, but also practical. Like Liu Xiang because the 110 metre hurdle in 13 seconds, so they all participated in the 110 metres hurdles athlete to run for 13 seconds. The index, in the standard game figures reminiscent of "great leap forward" in the" satellite": "how bold, how much production" ... ... We all know that the practice has been to allow people suffered from it ... ...
   Setting standards must be high standards, but also feasible, both must should.