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China is becoming the most active markets optical components industry

  Chinese Optical Society, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhou Bingkun 11, at the "China Development Forum Communications optoelectronic devices", said since 2000, since the adjustment of the global IT industry, China has become the global communications industry is an important base for optical devices. The end of 2009, China's telecommunications optical components global market share of about one-fifth of the global optical components industry is becoming the most dynamic markets.

  Zhou Bingkun said optical fiber communication technology since the seventies of last century in business since China began in the technology and industrial scale are achieved success by leaps and bounds. Especially in the past 15 years, optical communications industry has maintained relatively high growth rate, forming a covering fiber optic cables, optical devices, optical transmission equipment and other areas are more complete fiber optic communication industry chain.

  Optoelectronic devices are optical communication equipment foundation and core. Zhou Bingkun that with 3G, FTTH deployment, high-speed optical transmission, optical access technology and market development, communications, optoelectronic devices is becoming a driving communications market is another key factor in growth. As optical communication technologies are moving integrated, intelligent direction, this miniaturization of optical devices, low-cost, low power consumption and a higher requirement.

  The experts also stressed that China's booming telecommunications market and the success of China's telecommunications equipment manufacturers to expand overseas markets, is driving the development of the local speed optical components industry, our communications optoelectronics industry's important position in the global market has become increasingly apparent. The next-generation optical communication system largely depends on the evolution of communication in the optoelectronic device technology, and technology in this market turning point, our communications optoelectronics industry is facing important opportunities for development.