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New industry needs to walk out of the predicament of low-end manufacturing

Silicon material purification using German technology, manufacturing polycrystalline furnace by using American equipment, production silicon battery seven process five need to import equipment; since the polysilicon purification technology is not high, some Chinese enterprises can only using the arc method with carbon reduction of purity of only 98% to 99% of industrial silicon, and then used as industrial raw materials with extremely low price to sell abroad, by foreign purification to more than 99.9999% to buy back ... ...
 The development of emerging industry in China is speeding up the transformation of economic development mode, optimize region economy structure is the major strategy choice. However, some of the emerging industry is facing a high-end industry of the head, but only in the global industrial chain in the" low-end" manufacturing jobs.
 How to make the emerging emerging industry truly" high-end"? To master the core technology of pathways in where? The government how to build a suitable for emerging industry development platform? A few days ago, by the China Europe International Business School in 2010 organized by the " China Innovation Summit Forum", from various government, enterprise and academic experts and scholars as a new industry in China development builds character to make suggestions.
 Don't let the burgeoning industry to become the new" manufacturing industry"
 Solar energy industry is a new energy industry signs, while the new energy industry is an emerging industry representatives. However, at present a lot of solar energy company is engaged in a" OEM" manufacturing. Solar energy industry the key technologies needed equipment, market demand, raw material" three outside", i.e., almost all the technical equipment rely on imports of raw materials, most rely on imports, 98% of the sales from the export of. The profit model and a lot of "made in China" run in the same groove, also led to China's photovoltaic industry in the global industry chain in the low end link.
 China to develop emerging industries of strategic importance to delineate the seven key areas, including the new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy automobile industry, biological industry, new materials, new generation of information technology and equipment manufacturing. Expert attending the meeting thinks, the lack of core technology, not only the solar energy and other new energy industry, new material, biology industry, energy saving and environmental protection industries may also repeat the past computer manufacturing" information industry". -- although the high-end industry, but not chip manufacturing, production of the mouse, keyboard, only low-end products such as shell.
 How to avoid letting of burgeoning industry that just starts to become the new" manufacturing"?
 The State Council Development Research Center of industrial economics research department minister Feng Fei thinks, burgeoning industry attraction lies in the "new", need to follow the rule of innovation driving. Emerging industry is different from the traditional industry, its biggest characteristic is uncertainty of technology, a technology may soon be replaced by another kind of technology. As the photovoltaic industry needs a polysilicon production, from improved Siemens method to physical method and so on, have experienced a lot of changes in technology, and a new technology appeared to a technique of disruptive innovation, leading to a technology may not have any commercial value. Therefore, innovation is the core factor of the development of burgeoning industry can.
 Shanghai municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, China Europe International Business School Dean Zhu Xiaoming said, the current accelerate economic growth mode transformation for the emerging industry development provides a tremendous opportunity, in the next ten years, independent innovation will become the key to the development of a new industry in china.
 Where is the way to master the core technology
 Without core technology innovation does not talk to the emerging industry, then grasp the emerging technology of core of industry of where is the way?
 Expert attending the meeting thinks, core technology resulting in the need for strong technical innovation system, including the material, personnel and capital of three aspects of basic.
 First, technology innovation is the material base of incubator. Incubator is known as" the cradle of science and technology enterprise", many emerging industry enterprises are born in the incubator, such as apple, Microsoft was born in the United States of America Silicon Valley, Chinese Wuxi is de
 Also from the incubator to grow up. This year the incubators in China has reached 700, ranking first in the world. Although China's Incubator in quantity has surpassed the United States, but China R & D but also has the very big disparity with the United States, and France, Germany and other technical powers cannot be mentioned in the same breath. Shanghai science and Technology Venture Center Deputy Director Wang Zhen said, China 's incubator powers, not power. Chinese hatch ability also has the very big improve space. " European incubator generally has more than 10 enterprises, has specialized coaches track guiding enterprises, but China 's incubator also completely fail to do. In Shanghai, a general incubator may have more than 100." The expert thinks, our country some incubator also just put the technology into industrial incubator, rather than technology incubator.
 Second, technical innovation needs talents for security. The expert thinks, at present our country really has the ability of technology innovation talents in four areas: one is in some state-owned enterprises; two in the private enterprise; three is in the institutions of higher learning; four is in the past to do scientific research institutes. Zhangjiang High-tech Park Management Committee Deputy Director Liu Xiaolong said, a project may involve square respect area, not a field of people can be completed, and was ownership segmentation talent difficult combination to complete the project. To solve this problem, need to break piece break up, at the same time in the existing team based on culture, superposition and integration.
 Third, technical innovation is inseparable from the financial support. Emerging industry in general is a long-term project, technology risk is relatively high, so the technology innovation rely on social capital is very difficult to complete. For nearly three years, investment of our country science and technology structure is undergoing a significant change, annual growth in more than 20%, but from the beginning of 2008, where the investment to science and technology first exceeded central.
 Some experts think, technology innovation to innovation and innovation, but also in accordance with customer demand innovation. Shanghai Dow center is a building, transportation, energy, water treatment, electronic equipment in areas such as the solution of foreign invested enterprises, in many key areas of development will involve new energy industrial technology. Dow Greater China President PeterSykes says, in the Asian region, the Dow has 50 big clients. In order to understand these customers on technical innovation and future development view, Dow regularly invited them to the Shanghai Center for discussion and communication, develop the future generations of the product development plan.
 The government how to build innovation platform
 Favorable external environment to encourage technical innovation, the government should how to build a suitable for emerging industry development platform?
 Feng Fei thinks, in China the single enterprise innovation capability is relatively weak conditions, can draw lessons from the United States high-tech innovation alliance practice. In the nineteen eighties began, the United States government, industry, University collaborate with each other, to explore new business ideas, research new technologies, develop new markets, the creation of many new technology innovation alliance. The United States of America later development of high-tech industry, a major technological innovation basically comes from the Union's hand. In practice, the United States government is generally in the business of his first feel the need, and initial tentative plan and planning, the innovation alliance formation and the subsequent work to provide the corresponding support, from law, capital, plan and implement three aspects to the union to give support and guidance. He suggested, innovation alliance formation, not into a closed, but must be open, so that we can make more research and development strength of private enterprises in.
 Zhu Xiaoming and other experts from the system environment construction to advise. He said, we need to optimize the institution environment, eliminate the negative factors, including trade barriers, excessive approval, lots of rent-seeking, unreasonable tax. Liu Xiaolong said, China's development of high-tech industry to reform the access and tax system," Chinese High-tech Zone to deal with the transformation of the mode of economic development, facing the global competition, must catch the investment environment, break the policy bottleneck, and catch the investment environment, break the policy bottleneck, must by the central government level for top-down reform."
 In the United States live more than 10 years of CEIBS professor Fang Ruizhe points out, the United States of America in innovation, breakthrough can lead the world, partly due to the United States of America Society for innovation and innovation encouraging attitude. China for the technological innovation environment to loose some, to failure in innovation more tolerant.
 Shanghai international energy saving and environmental protection of limited company vise general manager Wang Wei thinks, burgeoning industry is not entirely independent existence, it and traditional industry are closely linked, especially traditional industry transformation and upgrading, but also to the development of burgeoning industry brought tremendous opportunity. For example, with the national energy-saving emission reduction targets increasingly large, will give the enterprise put forward very high requirements, but in turn to the production of this kind of environmental protection equipment business, with a huge market space. Therefore, in the traditional industrial transformation and upgrading process, emerging industries such as emerging and energy saving, environmental protection, technology and related equipment manufacturing and so on, there will be great opportunities for development. He suggested that the government should understand, how big is the market, and the development of relevant supporting policy.