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Huaxing panel industrial upgrading downstream customers supply problem

  As of the end of 7, TCL group successful issuance of 4502000000 yuan prospectus, solve the photoelectric increased registered capital problem, look, Shenzhen 8.5 generation panel line all in accordance with the TCL Group Chairman and CEO Li Dongsheng expected steps smoothly. However, for the TCL and photoelectric, present smooth progress could be a" Long March" the first step. The total investment amounted to 24500000000 yuan of photoelectric 8.5 generation LCD panel project can quickly achieve profitability, judge the success of the project is the only standard, meanwhile, has a 50% stake in the deep and photoelectric technology investment limited there exit problems. For a year income is less than 50000000000 yuan of TCL group, handling such large investment project, still will not be easy.
  Perhaps because of this, Li Dongsheng has repeatedly to the domestic mainstream television manufacturers to reach cooperative" hydrangea". In May 7th this year, Li Dongsheng also deliberately borrow Shenzhen Photoelectric Display Week kicks off, Skyworth, Changhong, Hisense banquets, Konka enterprise executives, they invite investment photoelectric, but TV manufacturers to invest the upper panel has each idea.
  In fact, Li Dongsheng wants to solve is not only the photoelectric funds problem, more important is to solve the photoelectric quantity of postpartum, downstream partners to supply problems. Shenzhen 8.5 generation project design is to achieve an annual capacity of processing glass substrate 120000, an annual output of 26 inches to 32 inches, 46 inches and 55 inch LCD TV module is approximately 17500000 blocks.
  Although He Chengming had previously said, even if no other downstream partners, with their own light TCL LCD TV sales growth, can digest China Star electrical capacity most.
  The first half of this year, TCL Group flat-panel TV sales of 3254000 units, according to Li Dongsheng said this year will be the sale of TV of 8500000 liquid crystal and a 30% annual growth rate calculation, 2011 sales could reach 11050000 in 2012, may attain 14360000 scale. However the above figures and view, are the ideal figure and claims. Because TCL, future can not only produce 26 inches to 32 inches, 46 inches and 55 inches of 4 specifications of the LCD TV, otherwise its market competitiveness will be greatly weakened.
  " Includes 6 generation line, 7.5 line and 8.5 line generation, high liquid crystal panel production line, all with different economic cutting size, in the performance of the market is a complementary relationship." The personage inside course of study points out, from the global TV market developing trend of global next year, also need to add four or five 8.5 generation panel line, in order to meet the needs of.
  From this point of view, for the photoelectric searching for downstream customers, has also become a TCL 8.5 generation line ahead of the key successful factors. Otherwise, the current shortage of Sichuan Changhong plasma customer project, is the 8.5 generation of the best line from tcl.
   " If there is a stable supply of LCD panels, TCL Group will develop independently of EMS ( electronic manufacturing services ) business." Li Dongsheng in August 27th to the" First Financial Daily" said, in addition to business communications in the ODM business expansion, TCL multimedia is also testing the waters of ODM business. In early July, and set up a joint venture company -- TCL Toshiba Toshiba video products company, responsible not only for the Toshiba TV in domestic sales, but also for the Toshiba TV oem.
  Compared to the ODM business, EMS business not only have the same with the R & D and manufacturing capabilities, but also to provide customers with the integration of supply chain and logistics services, the additional value namely profitability in the foundry business is the highest. TCL future can" get along well with" EMS is still unknown.